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Benjamin Rydell was the leader of the Night Rangers Motorcycle Club. He was also a drug lord who had ties to a criminal syndicate in Chicago.

Rydell was handling a personal errand when Sticks called saying two men from Chicago showed up at The Crankcase. Rydell quickly told him that both of them were lying, since Rydell recently called his associates in Chicago and none of them mentioned sending anyone to Deadline. Sometime later, while Rydell was watching a man he shot bleed to death, he got another phone call from Sticks, who told him that the Crankcase had burned down and that Brodur and Sammy might be dead. Furious, Rydell ordered Lance and his other bikers to block off the roads and to find and kill the perpetrators.

Later that night, Rydell received another call from FBI agent Thomas Hadley. Rydell was about to hang up until Hadley informed him that he knows about the two men: Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds. Hadley struck a deal with Rydell, saying he wanted both men alive in exchange for anything Rydell wanted. Rydell changed his orders and instructed his bikers to take Bauer and Edmunds alive instead. Although Rydell lost his drug lab at Fort Blake, he managed to kidnap Edmunds and the group of civilians he tried to escape with.

Rydell met with Hadley and his team personally, and the two agreed that Hadley would give Rydell information about confidential informants and the amount of progress the police have made investigating the MC if he handed Bauer over to the FBI. With Chase and several hostages at his disposal, Rydell entered the mega-mart they were held in and called Jack over Chase's handheld, threatening to kill Laurel Tenn. When Jack tried to call his bluff, Rydell aimed his gun at Laurel, only for Chase to intervene. The two men fought briefly, and Rydell shot Chase in the chest. After Chase died, Rydell called Jack again and said if he didn't give himself up in ten minutes, he'd kill two more civilians, followed by three more ten minutes after.

Rydell waited impatiently for Bauer to show up, advising Agent Kilner to stay out of his business when he spoke out at Rydell for murdering Chase. A minute before Bauer's time was up, a Ford Contour burst into the mega-mart. Rydell and his men shot up the car, but found out seconds later Jack wasn't inside. Rydell shielded his eyes as Bauer tossed a flashbang into the building, blinding his bikers. Jack rushed into the mega-mart and mowed down all of the bikers until only Rydell was left. Wounded, Rydell tried to kill Jack with his last bullet, but Jack fired first and shot Rydell in the head. (Deadline)

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