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Benson was a CTU Security guard at CTU Los Angeles during Day 6.

Day 6[]

After Bill Buchanan was fired, he informed Nadia Yassir that he appointed her to be acting Director. While in the Situation Room, Benson entered with Hodge and told Buchanan that he had been asked to escort him from the premises. Buchanan asked for another minute, and finished saying goodbye to Nadia. The guard then escorted Buchanan from CTU.

At 2:00am, this guard was among those watching over Jack Bauer. When Nadia refused to let Jack accompany Mike Doyle and Field Unit Bravo to Bloomfield, Jack eyed both guards, but Nadia insisted that Jack make no move against them. Later, when the CTU Los Angeles building was invaded by Cheng Zhi's mercenaries, the guard opened Jack's cell when he heard automatic gunfire and couldn't contact anyone else. Jack and Benson spoke briefly, but the guard was killed by shots from one of Zhou Yong's men. Jack used Benson's weapon to kill the attacker, and then moved to other parts of the building, bringing down a number of other mercenaries.

Background information and notes[]

  • Terry Savage is credited only as playing "CTU Guard #1" and "CTU Guard #4", but the character's name is visible for a few frames on his name tag as he unlocks Jack's holding cell door.

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