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Dr. Bernard "Bernie" Copeland (alias Seldom Seen Smith) was the leader of the eco-terrorist group Monkey Wrench Gang during Cat's Claw.

Before Cat's Claw Edit

Copeland obtained a Ph.D in biology, studying in the Amazon, then worked for 7 years in the Environmental Protection Agency shortly thereafter. He quit the organization after he realized that the EPA was more accustomed to forming alliances with urban developers rather than fighting them off. Later, he associated with Greenpeace and the Sierra Club, but found them to be not radical enough to saving the environment. Copeland then found contacts in the Sierra Club that were also members of Earth First! and the Earth Liberation Front.

Bernard Copeland then proceeded to commit small-time terrorist acts, including tree-spiking and arson against timber companies. He later discovered a virus, Cat's Claw, and its respective vaccine, Dragon's Blood, which he would research to use against enemies of the environment.

Copeland owned a home on Fourteenth Street in Santa Monica, California.

Cat's Claw Edit

Bernard Copeland was involved in the separate kidnappings of Jack Bauer and Mercy Bennet earlier in the day, manipulating both of them to not hinder his cause. Copeland had Bauer restricted to CTU, by means of a tracking substance injected into his bloodstream. In exchange for Bauer not leaving the his work building, Copeland would provide him the Dragon's Blood vaccine to use on Kim, who had just been infected with the Cat's Claw virus. Copeland then let Jack go, instructing him to go immediately to CTU. When Bennet was taken by the Monkey Wrench Gang, she tried to escape, but in her reckless efforts, knocked several glass vials of the virus to the ground, releasing the substance onto both her and an eco-terrorist in the room, Frankie Michaelmas. Bennet, unknown at the time that she had just contracted the virus, pursued Copeland on foot through a Los Angeles neighborhood, and into a nearby rioting mob of G8 protestors. She lost him in pursuit.

Copeland later retreated to his home in Santa Monica, meeting up with Frankie Michaelmas. The two argued about whether to continue releasing the virus or to create additional vaccine doses. Copeland wanted the virus contained and to alert the police about Bennet's contagious infection, but Frankie arranged a deal with terrorist Ayman al-Libbi to allow the virus to continue spreading. Copeland disagreed and felt obligated to call the police, but Michaelmas smashed a jade stone on Copeland's head repeatedly, and fled.

Shortly before dying, Detective Mercy Bennet found Copeland in a pool of his blood. Running out of breath, Copeland told Bennet that she was infected with the virus, and that Frankie was going to use the virus in an act of terrorism. He drew the numbers 13, 48, and 57 in his blood, said the phrase "uña de gato," and died.

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