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This is a description of Bill Buchanan's actions on Day 5.

Day 5[]



Bill discusses the assassination of President Palmer with Audrey Raines.

During Day 5, Bill Buchanan was serving as the Director of CTU Los Angeles. When President David Palmer was assassinated in LA, CTU was put in charge of the investigation. Shortly after Palmer's hit, Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida were targeted. Michelle was killed in the blast, and Tony was wounded, and transported to CTU medical. Bill was coordinating everything with Curtis Manning when Edgar Stiles told him President Charles Logan was ready to be briefed. Buchanan informed Logan of the facts of the case and the protocols being followed, but Logan refused to talk about protocols and demanded results. Buchanan suggested for Logan to postpone the Anti-terrorism treaty signing with the Russians, but Logan refused.

At 7:25, Buchanan was briefing the staff of CTU LA informing them that Tony was being brought to CTU medical clinic for treatment, in order to bring him protection. As he requested his staff to find connections between Palmer, Tony, and Michelle, Jackie walked in and told Bill that the DOD liaison had arrived. He dismissed the staff and walked out to greet Audrey Raines, who had just cleared security. After exchanging condolences for the death of Michelle, Bill told Audrey he had suggested Logan to postpone the treaty but he had refused. Audrey, who wasn't surprised, reminded him that Logan was the President and it was his call in the end. Bill then told Audrey that he had prepared a station for her and that they could go through security protocols in awhile.

As Tony was being brought into medical, Bill told the doctors that he wanted to be updated of his condition. Curtis then arrived and asked Buchanan if Tony would be able to talk. Bill told him that at the time, it would be impossible due to Tony's condition. Curtis then informs Bill that the last time Tony and Palmer talked was the day Jack Bauer died. As they wondered what were they hiding, Curtis argued that it might have something to do with Jack's death.



Buchanan gives out orders to apprehend Jack Bauer.

While Buchanan and Audrey coordinated security measures at Logan's retreat, Edgar Stiles informed him he pulled some footage off a security camera at the building from where they had shot Palmer. Edgar told him he had applied some filters to the image, and in any given time, it would reveal the assassin who shot Palmer. Bill and Audrey were shocked when the footage showed Jack being behind the hit.

Buchanan came to the conclusion that Jack was still alive and Palmer, Michelle, and Tony conspired with him to fake his death. As he briefed CTU about it, Curtis informed him that Adamson just told him that Chloe might've also been in the call between Palmer, Tony, and Michelle, the day Jack was "killed". Bill put out a warrant for Jack's arrest and ordered Spenser Wolff to put a trace on Chloe's cell. Some time later, Edgar and Spenser realized that Chloe was accessing CTU servers remotely, and informed Buchanan about it. After Chloe was intercepted outside Wayne Palmer's apartment by Agent Jennings, Buchanan asked to speak to her. Chloe refused to give him any information that might endanger Jack, despite Buchanan's insistence. Angered, he ordered Jennings to put her into custody and bring her to CTU.

Later, Edgar informed Buchanan that he had intercepted some NSA chatter about a possible attack on the summit within the next 15 minutes. Again, Buchanan informed Mike Novick about it. Despite this, Logan refused to postpone the summit. As Buchanan and CTU monitored the arrival of President Yuri Suvarov occurring without incidents, he commented to Audrey that maybe their intelligence was wrong.


After the Suvarovs arrived safely at the retreat, Audrey Raines informed him that Secret Service had decided to lower the security level, and Bill told her they should do the same. When Audrey asked about Chloe's story, Bill told her that Curtis verified her story of the bodies at the refinery on Variel and Topanga. However, he told her that Jack still had a lot to answer to.

At this point, Bill received a call from Jack Bauer himself. Jack quickly informed him of a hostage crisis at the Ontario Airport. Bill told him he hadn't received any notification, but Spenser walked in that same moment and informed him about it. He then ordered to have the security level raised to 4 and have Curtis redirected to the airport. He recommended Jack to get out of the airport and surrender himself, but Jack reminded him he didn't work for him and that he would do what he had to do. Bill, reluctantly, decided to use him and had Spenser send him schematics of the airport.

Bill was checking out with his team, including Edgar, who was running facial recognition on the pictures of the terrorists that Jack had sent them. Chloe, who was being taken away by security, stepped in the conversation and recommended Edgar to use a different search protocol. Bill, angrily, reminded her of how many protocol violations she had committed. Chloe acknowledged that, but told him that he needed her now to find who this terrorists were. Bill agreed and let Chloe return to work to help Edgar. They then came up with an ID on the leader of the terrorists, called Anton Beresch, a former Soviet soldier and leader of a terrorist group called Dawn Brigade.

Audrey then told Bill that DOD had intercepted a live transmission from the airport. Buchanan had Spenser put it on the screen and they saw Beresch presenting his demands to President Logan. He wanted him to repudiate the treaty being signed with Suvarov, or either he would start killing hostages. Bill then briefed President Logan, along with Walt Cummings and Mike Novick. Logan, who refused to back off the treaty he had worked so hard on, ordered Buchanan to have the matter resolved. Chloe then came in with a back-trace on the cellphone signal that Beresch had used to call the police, and he decided to talk to Beresch.

Bill called him and told Beresch that the President had authorized him to speak on his behalf. He told him that Logan had received his demands, but asked him if there was any other way to address his demands. Beresch, realizing that they wouldn't negotiate, hung up the phone and executed a hostage in front of the camera to prove how serious he was. He then picked up another hostage, Derek Huxley, and threatened to shoot him in the next 15 minutes if Logan didn't make a televised address to the nation.

As Curtis finished preparing his team, Beresch contacted Buchanan again. Having no answer from Logan, Beresch decided to execute Derek. Just when he was about to shoot him, there was an explosion inside the airport. Buchanan quickly asked Curtis what had happened, but Curtis was unable to tell him. Jack then informed them that he managed to detonate the vest of one of the terrorists to buy some time. Logan then called Bill to ask him what was the explosion about, and Bill informed him of Jack Bauer's involvement in the operation. Logan, who couldn't believe it, asked him about Jack's involvement in Palmer's assassination. Bill told him, though, that there had been some evidence indicating that Jack might've been framed.

With Jack relaying CTU information about the terrorists' positions, Curtis prepared to move in with the raid. However, at the last moment, they lost contact with Jack just as he was about to tell them about some movement. Angrily, Bill decided to abort the operation.



Bill greets Lynn McGill.

As he tried to contact Jack unsuccessfully, he informed his staff that they must assume the worst and that, without Jack, they'll be forced to prepare a new mission profile. Chloe told him that without Jack, their chances of success were reduced to 20%, but he told her that is better than not trying at all. He then ordered Curtis to stand down in the meantime. Bill remained in the Situation Room coordinating everything, when Lynn McGill arrived from District. As he came in, they greeted each other and Bill gave him an update of the situation. When Bill asked, Lynn informed him that he had come after the White House pressured his superiors regarding Jack Bauer and his involvement in the operation. Bill then told him he could use station 4, but Lynn requested to use Bill's office to have a central vantage point. Bill hesitated, but complied. Lynn also suggested Bill to refer to him as "Mr. McGill" in front of the staff, but Bill refused to.

When Lynn was about to walk away, Buchanan received a call from Jack. Bill asked if Curtis was plugged into the call. After he acknowledged, Jack informed them that he had to end the transmission when a hostile got too close. He then asked Bill and Curtis to change their assault plan since the hostages had allegedly moved the hostages to the kill zone. Jack also informed them that he was in a "flank 2 position". Curtis was reluctant to the new entry point, but told Bill he could redeploy in about 20 minutes. Bill reminded him that Logan was set to sign the treaty in 30 minutes and they agreed to stay in contact.

After some time, Bill called Curtis who informed him he would be ready in about fifteen minutes. Although Buchanan wasn't sure about Jack's information, Curtis insisted that Jack would have good reason to change the plan. Bill stressed to Curtis that he had to be ready in fifteen minutes and told him to call when ready. After hanging up, Jackie approached Bill and told him that Lynn wanted to see him. Bill told her he was busy, but she insisted at Lynn's request.

Bill went upstairs to his office where Lynn was already settled. As he came in, Lynn hung up with Donna and asked Bill to sit down. Buchanan, bothered by Lynn's presence, told him he had to coordinate the raid but Lynn insisted and informed Bill that he told the White House everything was back on track at the airport. However, he told Bill that he wasn't comfortable talking about a plan he hadn't reviewed himself, and asked Bill to see the playbook. Buchanan resisted, desiring not to be micromanaged, but Lynn assured him he was only doing his job. Reluctantly, Bill agreed to have Chloe send it to him. As he was about to walk out, Lynn reminded him that fighting against him wouldn't make the situation at the airport any easier to deal with. Bill simply walked away. As he walked downstairs, Bill told Chloe to forward the revised assault plan to Lynn's laptop. Chloe asked him if that meant Lynn would be running point, but Bill told her to just send it. Audrey Raines walked past Bill and told him Curtis would be ready in 10 minutes.

As President Logan began the summit, Chloe told Buchanan how he was ahead of schedule, but Bill told him they couldn't pressure Curtis. He then called Mike Novick to see if he could stall the ceremony. However, Mike told him they were already live and that it would be impossible for him to do anything. As Bill was coordinating emergency efforts for after the raid, Lynn came in and asked why the new assault plan was so radically changed. Audrey explained that it was based on new intelligence from Jack Bauer. Lynn thought that the time Jack was out of contact was suspicious so he asked Bill to send him the transcripts of all the conversations they had with Jack.


Bill and Lynn argue about Jack's duress call.

When the raid was about to start, Lynn came into the Situation Room and desperately asked Bill to abort the mission. When Bill asked him why, he explained that he had detected a duress call on one of Jack's call. Bill told him they had run Jack's call through protocol filters, but Lynn told him the duress code Jack used was an old one from when he was active. Bill had Chloe confirm it, and when she did, he told Curtis to abort the assault and return to the original plan. Shortly after that, Bill received a call from Jack asking him why the delay in their assault. Knowing now that Jack was under duress, Bill covered telling him they had to reset the detonators and would go in at any minute.

After the successful raid, Chloe informed Bill that Colette had told her the airport was contained and that there were only minor injuries among the hostages. Bill then told her to route all updates through Lynn. At this moment, Lynn walked in and Bill apologized to him for his behavior. Lynn, in return, told him he was the reason he detected Jack's duress call. When Bill asked why, Lynn told him how he questioned Jack's intentions when Bill defended his integrity so adamantly. Lynn then thanked Bill for helping him do his job. However, Lynn then asked him to bring Jack into custody. When Audrey argued how there was evidence that proved Jack wasn't guilty of the deaths of David Palmer and Michelle Dessler, Lynn told them that he still had a lot of questions to answer for. Bill then asked Curtis to bring Jack to CTU.



Buchanan and McGill find out about the nerve gas.

After the crisis was solved, CTU spotted the hostile, Ivan Erwich, going into Hangar BB on the surveillance cameras. Buchanan and McGill started checking the statements on the ownership of the hanger, when Edgar approached them and told them that Curtis had confirmed there was weaponized nerve gas in the hangar. At around 11:30, Jack came into CTU and was greeted by Lynn. Bill approached them and told Lynn that President Logan had been informed of the crisis. As Lynn went to contact Division, Bill greeted Jack. He gave Bill his condolences about Michelle's death and assured him he never wanted to put her in danger. Bill informed Jack about Tony's condition and told him that Audrey had been working with them. When Jack asked where she was, he told him she was debriefing Diane under orders from Lynn.


Buchanan and Edgar see what Spenser was doing.

Later, Chloe contacted Buchanan to tell him she suspected Spenser Wolff was accessing classified files from the CTU servers. Buchanan authorized Edgar to take over Spenser's workload and sent two security guards to pick up Spenser. After they brought him to holding, Bill asked him about the files he was accessing. Spenser tried to deny it, but Buchanan insisted denying him to see a lawyer. When Chloe got too emotional at Spenser, Buchanan pulled her away. He then kept questioning Spenser trying to find out who gave him a Level 5 clearance. At this point, Edgar came in and showed Buchanan that Spenser was tracking Jack through the surveillance cameras. Buchanan quickly alerted CTU Security so they could find Jack.

Buchanan ran to CTU medical clinic only to find Jack getting up after a fight with Hank, a professional hitman sent to kill him. When Buchanan told him that hey had arrested a mole inside CTU, Jack went to confront him. After showing Spenser the video of the dead hitman, Spenser confessed that he was working on Walt Cummings' orders but that he had no idea they wanted to kill Jack. Jack then told Bill and Lynn that Cummings must have been the one that wanted to kill him 18 months earlier. Jack then told Bill and Lynn that he would find Cummings to see what he was planning.


After Jack convinced Buchanan and Lynn to let him go after Cummings, they started coordinating the protocols for the mission. After Jack left, Bill and Audrey started notifying the airports and CHP about the canisters. Buchanan specified Audrey not to tell them about the nerve gas to avoid panic.


Bill urges Lynn to disregard the order from the White House.

Shortly after 12:30pm, Lynn went into the Situation Room and told them Division had ordered CTU off the search for the nerve gas, on orders of the White House. Bill and Audrey disagreed, and Bill insisted on Lynn to disregard the order. Since Lynn was reluctant, Bill accused him of lack of experience to handle the critical decisions. Angered, Lynn pulled Buchanan aside and told him never to speak to him like that again. Buchanan apologized but insisted that they should disregard the order, since it jeopardized the search for the nerve gas. He told Lynn that it was his responsibility to do it, and Lynn agreed.

Several minutes later, when Jack called with the intel from Cummings, Bill told Audrey to contact CBP and make sure they had Hazmat teams ready at the Port of Long Beach, where the canisters were supposed to be. Buchanan also told Jack he'll keep him updated of any new information. When a live feed from the port was ready, Buchanan and the rest of the team at CTU watched as Agent Finn, of Customs, raided the container only to find Schaeffer's dead body inside. They then heard as Ivan Erwich called Cummings to threaten the use of the nerve gas in US soil for betraying him.


Bill then held a meeting at the Situation Room to inform of the status of the nerve gas canisters, and how they thought the terrorists would be unable to activate them, unless they fixed their remote trigger. Lynn asked him about evacuation scenarios, but Buchanan said it wasn't possible without a time-frame or a target. Chloe also informed them that she was scanning frequencies for Erwich's voiceprint. Lynn then told them about the new casualty estimates from Civil Defense which maintained that each canister could generate a kill zone of 1 to 3 square miles, which could mount to a million, from the 20 canisters.


Bill, Audrey, and Chloe O'Brian try to access a security system.

After the meeting, Buchanan informed Audrey that President Logan had reinstated Jack temporarily to help with the search of the nerve gas. Chloe interrupted them to tell them they had intercepted a call between Erwich and a man called Jacob Rossler. They listened how Rossler was giving Erwich instructions to tamper with the trigger mechanism of the canisters, and that he would reprogram a new chip for him. Bill called Jack with the new information and had him redirected to Rossler's address. Bill also asked Chloe to pull the building manifest. Jack asked Bill to have Curtis meet him at the address with a small team of four.

As Buchanan was about to leave, Chloe told him that the security system in the penthouse was very tough to hack into. Buchanan told him to use Edgar, but Chloe told him the only one who could get in was Spenser Wolff. Edgar disagreed, but Buchanan reluctantly agreed to reinstate Spenser temporarily. However, he insists to Chloe that he wold have to wear a security wristband and be under constant supervision.

As Jack and Curtis raided the apartment, Bill supervised the operation from CTU. After Rossler was detained, along with a sex-slave he held captive, Jack and Curtis started questioning him. However, Rossler refused to cooperate. Instead, he asked for full immunity, unfreezing of his assets, transportation to a foreign country, and be allowed to take his sex-slave with him. Lynn McGill ordered Jack to accept the deal and told Buchanan and Audrey to make sure he followed through. As the agreement was being prepared, Buchanan informed Jack that he had a background profile about the girl and told him she was a 15-year old girl called Inessa Kovalevsky who was taken from her home in Kiev 19 months ago.


Shortly after 2:00pm, Buchanan briefed Lynn about the situation. Bill told him that Jacob Rossler was killed by his female companion, so now they had to find a new way to reach Erwich. Buchanan also told Lynn that they put a tracker on the chip to follow it to Erwich. He also told him that they've picked up increased chatter from Erwich asking for help to launch nerve gas attacks on larger targets from terrorist sleeper cells in Los Angeles. Chloe suddenly interrupted them after intercepting an incoming call from Erwich on Rossler's phone. They listened to Jack answering, as Erwich gave him a meeting place to exchange for the chip. Jack then suggested to Lynn and Buchanan that he could pose as Rossler to see if the terrorists led him to the canisters. Audrey and Lynn agreed it was too risky, but Buchanan gave him the greenlight.


Buchanan suggests calling the President

As Jack went on with the transaction on a parking garage, Bill and the rest of the staff monitored them from CTU. After Jack installed the chip for terrorists Polakov and Komar, they heard how they punched Jack forcing him to go with them to test one of the canisters. As they followed them with the tracker, they realized that the terrorists' target was the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall. After the terrorists got out of their van, Lynn halted any possible intervention with them, arguing that if they stopped them, they wouldn't be able to find the remaining canisters. Audrey, realizing that Lynn planned to allow the attack, started arguing with him and vouched for Buchanan to intervene. However, Bill suggested they call the President.

When President Logan returned their call, Lynn briefed him on the situation. Logan, not knowing what to do, tried to make them decide, but Buchanan told him that he was the only one who could authorize such a procedure. After some hesitation, Logan authorized them to go on with their plan, and Lynn relayed the orders to Jack. When one of the terrorists, Polakov, asked Jack for the unlock code on the remote trigger, Buchanan gave the correct one to Jack. However, Jack refused to go on with the order, giving the terrorists a false unlock code for the trigger on purpose. When it didn't work, Polakov knocked him out. They heard, however, that the terrorists were trying another way to release the gas. After the terrorists activated the canister, Jack managed to wake up and kill one of them and went after the other.

As CTU managed to secure the mall, Buchanan informed Jack that they had secured the perimeter but couldn't locate Polakov. After Jack told them he still had the tracker, CTU was able to track the terrorist, as he arrived at Cal's Bikes. However, he shot himself before he could be captured.("Day 5: 2:00pm-3:00pm")


When Jack escaped from custody, McGill started to become suspicious that Audrey may have helped him. McGill went to Bill, who admitted Audrey and Jack were once romantically involved. When Audrey revealed to Buchanan that Nathanson contacted her and was willing to cooperate, but only with Jack, he decided to help her and Audrey aid Jack. When McGill started to get a sense that people were going above his command, he had Bill placed in holding.

When Lynn started to lose control of CTU, Curtis activated Section 112 and had Lynn removed from duty. Curtis had security release Bill from holding, who took control of the situation again. When Bill learned that chatter indicated there would be an attack on President Yuri Suvarov's motorcade, Buchanan warned Secret Service and alarmed Logan about the situation, who was lost for words as First Lady Martha Logan is in the limousine.

Luckily Aaron Pierce was able to kill all of the hostiles attacking the motorcade, and Curtis found a blueprint on one of the corpses. Edgar tracked down the blueprint to the Tyler Memorial Hospital, and Buchanan ordered for the hospital to be evacuated. Curtis and the TAC team were able to find the canister of Sentox, and have it released in a contained area. No lives were lost in the attack, besides Viktor Grigorin.

Dr. Marc Besson contacted Buchanan and informed him that Tony Almeida had woken up and was asking for Michelle. Buchanan wanted to tell Tony about Michelle's death, but Besson was convinced it would've cause Tony to have a setback. Buchanan told Tony that Michelle survived the attack and was at a local hospital. Buchanan also revealed that terrorists were in possession of nerve gas. When Tony asked who was responsible for the attack, Buchanan revealed it was Christopher Henderson, who was being brought back to CTU by Jack.


Buchanan briefs President Charles Logan.

Eventually Tony became suspicious that he was being lied to and he learned from a computer that Michelle was deceased. Bill was then informed that Jenny McGill and Dwayne Thompkins were killed, and it looked like it was done by a professional. Buchanan broke the terrible news to Lynn, who told Bill that his sister had his CTU key card. When Chloe confirmed that someone used Lynn's key card to get into the building in the last hour, he ordered a lockdown.

When Jack discovered a timing device on hostile Ostroff, he realized that Ostroff has released nerve gas in the building. Buchanan ordered a Code 6, and had everybody evacuate the building. Chloe was able to use her computer to seal off the Situation Room, Medical, Holding Room 4, and Buchanan's office. Over 40% of CTU's personnel died from the attack, including Edgar Stiles.


While Buchanan worked in his office, Chloe continued to work on hacking into Christopher Henderson's computer files. Buchanan then learned that the gas would break the seals, and Curtis wouldn't be able to get the chemical responses team to CTU in time. Buchanan informed Jack and the rest of the survivors that if they didn't find a way to flush the gas out, they would all die. Luckily, Lynn and Harry Swinton served as sacrifices and accessed the air conditioning system, preventing the gas from breaking through.

Buchanan was then contacted by Karen Hayes, from the Department of Homeland Security. Hayes revealed that she was bringing a team over to CTU. Karen arrived at CTU and decided to work out of Bill's office. Buchanan questioned why she was here, and she revealed that the Department of Homeland Security would be absorbing CTU, under the authority of Vice President Hal Gardner. Despite their difference in opinion on CTU's autonomy, Buchanan didn't reveal Karen and Miles Papazian's plan to take control.

Miles soon discovered that Chloe hacked into the NSA server, and he brought this discovery to Karen and Bill. Buchanan and Hayes demanded for Chloe to reveal what she uploaded from the NSA sever, and she revealed she uploaded the WET list to Jack. Karen and Buchanan called Jack and demand for the list, but Jack insisted it was the only way to get Collette Stenger, as German Intelligence Agent Theo Stoller agreed to give Stenger up for the list.


Buchanan and Jack Bauer have a word with Karen Hayes.

When Stenger implicated Audrey, Jack and Buchanan were convinced it was a set up, but Hayes insisted on having Rick Burke perform a medical interrogation on her. However, Buchanan and Jack were able to convince Hayes to allow Jack to interrogate her first. After the interrogation, Jack was convinced Audrey was being set up, but Hayes went forward with the interrogation. Jack was eventually able to prove Stenger set Audrey up, voiding her presidential pardon. CTU then learned Vladimir Bierko planned on releasing the Sentox through a gas company.

Shari Rothenberg discovered that Bierko planned on releasing the gas through the Wilshire Gas Company, and Jack and Curtis lead a team there. Jack was forced to blow up the gas company when Bierko released the gas, and the explosion caused all of the Sentox to be destroyed. After Jack took Bierko into custody, he handed him over to Curtis to be taken back to CTU. Karen and Miles then worked on their plan to take control of CTU.

Karen and Miles confronted Audrey and asked her to sign a document that blamed Buchanan and CTU for everything that went wrong during the day. Believing Buchanan's actions caused a chain of successful events, Audrey initially refused it, but signed in exchange for having Chloe stay at CTU. When Buchanan learned that Audrey signed the document, he felt betrayed and he decided to go home. Buchanan had no idea that Audrey only signed it to help Jack prove who is behind the day's events.



Chloe O'Brian shows up at Buchanan's house.

Buchanan met up with Jack, who handed over Wayne Palmer to him. Jack revealed that President Logan was responsible for President Palmer's assassination and the selling of the Sentox nerve gas. Chloe O'Brian later showed up at Bill's house, after escaping from CTU custody. She remotely logs onto CTU's server through Bill's system and helped Jack prove Logan was behind the day's events. After Jack captured Henderson, Bill and Chloe learned that Henderson's men were following Secretary James Heller. Heller acted as a sacrifice, driving his car into a lake, and Bill witnessed from satellite footage.

Buchanan and Chloe then learned that Henderson passed the audio recording implicating Logan to someone, who was boarding Flight 520, a diplomatic flight. With help from Chloe and Bill, Jack was able to gain intelligence on the passengers and who had connections to Henderson. After interrogating Hans Meyer and after Chloe vouched for him, Jack realized he didn't have the recording. Chloe soon learned that Henderson passed the conversation off on Scott Evans, the last minute co-pilot.

Bill then got a call from Karen Hayes, who told him he had less than seven minutes to get Chloe out of his house, as a TAC team was on there way. Bill asked why Karen was helping him, and she revealed she has reason to believe Logan is behind the day's events. Karen and Bill both agreed that he should be brought into CTU, and covertly work with Karen in helping Chloe and Jack get the evidence.

Buchanan sent Chloe off to a hotel, and the TAC team arrived. Buchanan refused to give up Chloe's location, and a field agent called Karen. Karen told the agent to bring Buchanan in for furthering questioning. When Miles began setting up an interrogation for Buchanan, she told him it was necessary. Karen decided that she wanted to talk to Bill on her own. Miles soon became suspicious and shared these suspicions with Mike Novick.


Jack managed to get the recording, but Logan's partner Graem Bauer had a distress signal sent out. Admiral Kirkland informed the president that Bauer would use the plane as a weapon. Logan demanded for the plane to be shot down, and Karen and Bill informed Jack about Logan's order. They provided Jack with the location of a Los Angeles highway and Jack had the plane landed there. With help from Curtis Manning and fellow CTU agents, Jack was able to escape from Logan's perimeter and return to CTU with the evidence.


Buchanan works with Chloe and Karen.

Karen, Bill, and Jack all agreed that access to the recording should be limited, and that only Chloe should have access to it. Buchanan and Karen set up a meeting with the Attorney General, while Chloe cleaned up the recording. However, Miles became aware of the situation after asking Karen about all of the secretiveness that was going on. He remained loyal to Logan and had the recording erased. Without any evidence, Buchanan was forced to tell the Attorney General they were having technical difficulties and would have to reschedule the meeting.

Without any evidence against him, Logan decided to drop the charges against Bauer, informing Karen that the evidence he saw wasn't reliable enough. Buchanan was then informed that Vladimir Bierko escaped from custody. Agent Davis informed CTU that Bierko's men attacked the transport van and were discussing a canister of nerve gas, and a bigger attack. Buchanan and Hayes both agreed Henderson was their only lead in finding Bierko.

Buchanan instructed Jack that they would have to give Henderson immunity, but Jack refused, do to Henderson being responsible for Palmer, Tony, and Michelle's deaths. After talking to Henderson, Jack agreed to help Henderson by staging his death.

Eventually CTU learned that Bierko planned on taking control of the Russian ship the Natalia, which was part of the treaty agreement between Logan and Suvarov. Bierko managed to storm the ship and kill all of the crew with a canister of nerve gas. Buchanan informed Jack that Bierko would most likely launch one of the missiles before Kirkland's jets arrived to destroy the ship. It was up to Jack, Henderson, and Agent McCullough to stop Bierko.


Chloe asks to bring Morris O'Brian into CTU.

After Henderson disarmed the missiles, Jack called Buchanan and told him that Bierko and his men were killed, and he was forced to kill Henderson. Buchanan asked if he was heading back to CTU, and Jack said he was. Buchanan and Hayes were later interrupted by Chloe, who asked to get clearance for someone. Bill was shocked when he learned it was Morris O'Brian, Chloe's ex-husband. Chloe told Bill that Morris was the only one who could resurrect the audio recording.

During the time President Logan was giving David Palmer's eulogy, Bill and Karen learned that Chloe set up a meeting with the Attorney General. Buchanan and Hayes tried to cancel it, but Chloe insisted and revealed they had to be kept out of the loop, in case things went wrong. Chloe revealed Jack placed a transmitter device on Logan's pen, and she played a conversation between Logan and his wife. When the Attorney General learned Logan was complicit in Palmer's death and the Sentox conspiracy, he executed a warrant for Logan's arrest.

Buchanan decided to say his good-byes to CTU, but Karen informed him she would put a good word in for him, and he would be back in charge in no time. Buchanan then asked if Karen wanted to have breakfast, but she turned it down. She asked for a raincheck, as she had to go to a meeting at Division. After Karen left, Bill gave Chloe a photo he found in Edgar's possessions.

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