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This is a description of Bill Buchanan's actions on Day 6.

Day 6 Edit

6:00am-10:00am Edit


Buchanan tells Jack he will be a sacrifice

With a series of terrorist attacks occurring on US soil, CTU was making very little progress on the situation, until Abu Fayed contacted them. Fayed was willing to give up the culprit of the attacks, Hamri Al-Assad, for a steep price. He wanted $25 million and he also wanted Jack Bauer, who was being held captive by the Chinese. Realizing Jack was the country's only hope, President Wayne Palmer signed for his release, and Bill and Curtis Manning picked him up from Cheng Zhi.

At 6:08 A.M, the Chinese handed over Jack to Buchanan, who is shocked by Jack’s physical and mental state. Bill explains Jack the situation, and lets him know that Audrey Raines and Kim Bauer didn't know about his release. Jack then agreed to be used as a sacrifice. Bill and Curtis then drops Jack off at the location specified by Fayed. Buchanan then heads back to CTU and updates his wife Karen Hayes, who was working in DC as President Palmer's National Security Advisor.

When one of Fayed's men discovered someone had satellite coverage of Jack's location, Buchanan and Nadia Yassir became furious and suggested that they didn't have live feed on the location. It is then learned that Morris O'Brian and Chloe O'Brian used a non-government satellite to watch Jack. Buchanan demanded for them to re-positioning it and he said he would have their jobs if they could afford it. Fayed then gives CTU the location of Assad.

An hour later, Buchanan and CTU were surprised when they get a call from Jack, who told them he escaped after learning that Fayed was behind the attacks, and Assad was only in America to stop him and make peace with the West. When Bill learned this, he contacted President Palmer, who refused to call of the strike on Assad's location. Jack was forced to warn Assad. When Chloe uncovers that Jack helped Assad escape CTU’s attack and that Jack averted a bomb on a Los Angeles subway, Buchanan is convinced that Jack was telling the truth about Assad’s innocence.

Karen and bill

Karen Hayes and her husband Bill Buchanan discuss Jack Bauer.

When President Palmer and CTU realized that Jack was right, they decided it is best to work with Jack and Assad, but they were unable to get in contact with them. Fayed then called President Palmer and demanded for the release of prisoners. President Palmer arranged for the release, but CTU realized that one of the prisoners was an engineer that Fayed needed to trigger his suitcase nukes. Buchanan called the president and demanded for him to stop the release, but the engineer was able to escape with help from a dirty guard.

After Curtis and Jack ran by a lead that led CTU to the address where Fayed was running his next plan, Assad was pardoned by President Palmer if he continued to help CTU with the case. When Curtis learned this, he was furious and attempted to kill Assad, as they had past history. When Curtis refused to let Assad go, Jack was given no choice but to shoot Curtis in the neck, which ultimately killed him. After killing his close friend, Jack told Bill that he could no longer run the operation.

10:00am-2:00pm Edit

After a nuclear bomb went off in Los Angeles, Jack decided that he needed to stay and help CTU with the operation.

When Assad was brought into CTU, Buchanan was very uncomfortable working with him and he then questioned him. Buchanan then began to realize Assad was on his side and he learned about a Russian general, who has had contact with Jack's father, Phillip Bauer. When Jack learned about this, he decided to follow up on the lead himself, and Buchanan thanked Assad for all the help he had contributed. Assad then left with guards, as he was being transported to the country's capital.

With Jack following up on the lead, which took him to Graem Bauer's house, Bill was focused on finding where Fayed was. He was then angered when he learned that Homeland Security had flagged Nadia, because she was of Middle Eastern descent. Bill then called his wife Karen and asked for her to talk to the president about this. Karen was convinced that Tom Lennox was behind it and agreed to talk to President Palmer about it.

Bill contacted Karen and asked her to tell President Palmer went to be ready for the debriefing, but Karen was unable to do so. Karen told him that she resigned and was transferred over to CTU. Bill asked why, and Karen informed him he would know in a couple of hours, right before hanging up the phone. Bill then got a call from Jack, who told him Graem was explicit in the robbery of the suitcase nukes, and was lying the entire time. Jack asked Bill to send a field unit over to Graem's house.


Buchanan thanks Assad for his help.

CTU soon learned that McCarthy found an engineer who could re-trigger the suitcase nukes for Fayed, and Bill put Morris on it. Morris was able to finish his job, and he left for the hospital to visit his brother Timothy. CTU then discovered the engineer was Morris, and Chloe contacted him via cell phone to tell him he was being set-up. Just as Morris began to head back to CTU, Darren McCarthy and his girlfriend Rita Brady arrived and kidnapped him.

A little after 1pm, Buchanan was informed by Nadia that Graem Bauer died from a seizure, and he contacted Jack with this information. When Jack asked for Buchanan to break this news to Marilyn Bauer, Buchanan agreed. He was later informed by Milo that Chloe was making mistakes, due to her concern for Morris. Buchanan and Nadia both agreed for Milo to take over Chloe's post.

When McCarthy's body was found, Milo was unable to run a back trace on his last call. Buchanan agreed for Chloe to be brought back in, and she was able to identify Fayed's supposed location. Marilyn and her son Josh arrived at CTU, and Buchanan spoke to Marilyn in private. After breaking the news to Marilyn, Buchanan realized she didn't have any grief and had as much hatred for Graem as Jack did. Buchanan agreed to not keep Josh abreast of his father's crimes, and she broke the news to her son.

Jack and Agent Al Turner were successfully able to storm Fayed's apartment, but Fayed managed to escape and Morris was found injured. When Turner discovered a suitcase nuke, he called Bauer in, who contacted CTU. With help from Chloe, Jack was able to disarm the bomb, but she was to distracted and made a mistake during the instructions. After the bomb was disarmed, Jack headed back to CTU.

2:00pm-6:00pm Edit


Buchanan questions Jack about Graem's interrogation.

When Jack got back to CTU, Buchanan questioned him and asked about the report Agent Burke filed. Jack admitted that he broke protocols while interrogating Graem, and was willing to kill him when Graem confessed to order the murders of former President David Palmer, Tony Almeida, and Michelle Dessler. In order to avoid an Internal Affairs investigation, Buchanan was willing to change the report, but Jack refused to allow this to happen.

When Jack questioned Marilyn about Dmitri Gredenko, she admitted she followed Graem to a house one night and overheard him talking to men with Russian accents. With this being their only lead, Buchanan agreed to have Jack and Marilyn identify the house, and Milo and a CTU field unit were placed six blocks behind them. When Phillip Bauer requested to bring Josh back to his house, Buchanan agreed and let them out of CTU.

Buchanan was later contacted by Jack, who told him that his team was ambushed and he believed Gredenko is behind it. Jack told him that he believed Gredenko's men were pursuing Milo and Marilyn and he set off to find them. After killing two of the hostiles and bringing Milo and Marilyn to safety, Jack called Buchanan. He told Buchanan that Milo was shot, but wasn't in critical condition. He also told Buchanan the real address of Buchanan's home. Jack instructed Bill to send a team to Gredenko's home and a small team to a junkyard. When Bill insisted on Jack going to Gredenko's home, Jack told him he had something else to take care of.

Buchanan, Nadia, Chloe, and Morris watched as the TAC team stormed Gredenko's home. Agent Al Turner revealed that Gredenko, nor anybody, was in the house. Buchanan requested for the house to be swept for evidence. Buchanan got a call from Jack, who told him to set up a perimeter around his location, as Phillip Bauer needed to be arrested. When Buchanan asked why, Jack told him that his father was complicit with Graem and the selling of the suitcase nukes to Fayed. Buchanan then learned that the only lead on Gredenko was Charles Logan.


Buchanan works with Nadia Yassir.

When Buchanan noticed that Morris lacked in progress, he ordered Morris to give his workload to Chloe. When Morris insisted that he could do his job, Buchanan allowed him to continue working, despite the protest of Nadia.

Before Jack and Logan arrived at the Russian consulate, Buchanan called Jack to inform him about the assassination attempt on President Palmer. Buchanan told Jack that it was too early to know the extent of Wayne's injuries and the theory was that Assad smuggled a bomb into the White House. Jack told Buchanan that didn't make any sense, as Assad wanted to make peace with the West, but Buchanan informed him it didn't matter, as Assad was killed in the explosion.

Buchanan later learned that Logan wasn't able to extract information from Consul Markov, and Jack went back in under his own authority. Jack told Bill that he barricaded himself in Markov's office and was holding him hostage at gunpoint. Buchanan informed Vice President Noah Daniels about the situation, and Daniels told Buchanan that they needed to go through the proper diplomatic channels to bring Markov in. Buchanan insisted they didn't have that kind of time and Bauer was working under his own authority.

6:00pm-10:00pm Edit

Morris later discovered chatter that indicated the Russians have captured an American agent. Buchanan ordered for a special operations team to be directed to the consul. He wanted the team to take Markov at force and rescue Bauer if they could. When someone from the Russian consul tried to call, Buchanan took the call, but someone hung up the phone on the other line.

Around 6pm, Buchanan gave a briefing and introduced Mike Doyle, the new Director of Field Operations, to the CTU staff. Buchanan revealed that he would be sending a special operations team into the consulate if Vice President Daniels sanctioned it. The primary objective of the operation was to abduct Consul Anatoly Markov, with the secondary objective being the rescue of Jack Bauer. Buchanan let Doyle take over the briefing, and he met with Charles Logan.


Buchanan learns from President Yuri Suvarov that Russia will support the raiding of the Russian consulate.

When Logan heard about the situation at the consulate, he suggested that he might be able to prevent a war with Russia. He insisted that his ex-wife Martha could convince Anya Suvarov to change President Suvarov's mind on the situation. Buchanan reluctantly trusted Logan's judgment and allowed him to make a call to Martha. Buchanan also allowed CTU agents to take Logan to Martha's bungalow.

Jack called CTU and tried to tell Morris where Gredenko was, but the connection was lost. Buchanan told Chloe to tell Doyle that the operation had a new primary objective, the rescue of Jack Bauer. When Martha stabbed her ex-husband, she was put into custody and Buchanan was able to get in contact with Suvarov. When President Suvarov demanded for Markov to surrender and deliver Bauer to CTU, Markov refused. Suvarov told Buchanan that Russia would support the raiding of the consulate, and Buchanan gave Doyle the go-ahead. After Doyle found Bauer, he contacted Bill and told him Gredenko was in the Shadow Valley, preparing to launch nuclear drones.

Gredenko and Fayed managed to escape from the Shadow Valley, but they managed to launch a drone before leaving. General Walsh sent out F-16s, but Morris lost the drones while tracking them through satellite. Once Jack arrived at CTU, Buchanan told him that they lost Gredenko. He suggested for Jack to be checked at medical and Jack met this request. Jack later came back to the CTU main floor and confronted Chloe. Before going back to medical, Jack looked over at Buchanan, as he was visibly upset.

Chloe later revealed to Buchanan, Doyle, and Milo that someone was relaying there satellite to the drone pilot. Doyle suggested for Chloe to check Nadia's system, and Milo insisted that Doyle was a racist. Buchanan agreed with Doyle's assessment, and Chloe discovered that it was Nadia's system relaying the satellite. Doyle and security arrested Nadia and when Doyle almost became violent, Buchanan instructed for him to stop. Morris managed to do a back trace and learn where the drone pilot was.


Jack tells Bill that he is convinced Audrey was murdered.

Before the TAC team left, Jack confronted Buchanan and told him that he should of told him about Audrey's death. Jack was convinced that she was murdered in China and he told Buchanan that once the crisis was over, he would go after the murderers. When Jack suggested to finish the investigation, Buchanan allowed him and had Doyle run point with him.

It was revealed that the target was San Francisco and once the drone reached its destination, the suitcase nuke would automatically detonate. Jack managed to crash land the drone in an industrial park, where there were minimum casualties. However, the suitcase nuke was damaged in the crash and radiation poisoning was released. Buchanan called Vice President Daniels and told him about the situation.

Chloe was able to intercept a call between Gredenko and an unknown contact. Buchanan had Chloe relay the location over to Jack, who lead a TAC team over there. Jack learned that a man named Mark Hauser was using his autistic brother Brady to get Intel for Gredenko. Jack told Mark that him and his brother wouldn't be prosecuted if they helped CTU capture Gredenko. Buchanan had no oppositions to Jack's handling of the field.

When Buchanan noticed tension between Milo and Doyle on the main floor, he stepped out of his office. He learned from Milo that Doyle received evidence, recovered by Connell Johnson that proved Nadia's system was breached. Buchanan learned from Doyle that he handed over the evidence to Morris, as he wanted to validate the evidence was reliable before submitting it. When Buchanan looked at the evidence, he had Nadia released from her holding cell.


Buchanan asks Nadia to stay at CTU.

Buchanan confronted Nadia, who was visibly upset over her interrogation and charges. Buchanan told her that if he was her, he would quit and seek legal action. He advised her that CTU needed her help during this time of crisis and Nadia agreed to stay on board. Buchanan later learned from Jack that he had Gredenko in custody. Gredenko agreed to help capture Fayed in exchange for immunity and safe transportation to a country of his choice, except Russia. Buchanan contacted Attorney General Graves and had the agreement written up. Buchanan learned from Jack that he didn't intend to stay faithful to the agreement.

Buchanan also told Jack about the policy issues in Washington. President Palmer woke up from his coma and Vice President Daniels was challenging him by having the 25th Amendment activated. If another nuke goes off, nothing would be in Daniels way of going forward with the nuclear strike against Fayed's country. President Palmer remained in office when Daniels withdrew the activation of the amendment.

During the sting operation with Gredenko, CTU lost audio with him. Gredenko double-crossed CTU and he cut off his arm in order to escape. Jack was able to capture Fayed, but Gredenko managed to slip away. Buchanan informed the White House about the capturing of Fayed, but President Palmer decided to go forward with the nuclear strike, much to the dismay of Karen and Tom Lennox. CTU then learned that Gredenko was dead, and Fayed refused to cooperate with Jack and Doyle.

10:00pm-1:00am Edit


Buchanan talks to his wife about the situation with Fayed.

Karen called her husband and asked if she could tell Palmer that CTU had a lead on the nukes. Buchanan told her she couldn't do that, as CTU didn't have a lead. Jack called Buchanan and both of them agreed they would have to transport Fayed to CTU, in order for Rick Burke to administrate a pharmaceutical interrogation. Doyle insisted that he should interrogate Fayed himself, but Jack told him these were Buchanan's orders.

During the transportation of Fayed, the CTU vehicle was ambushed and both Doyle and Jack were shot. After Fayed escaped with Middle Eastern men, Jack awoke and said they were clear. Jack and Buchanan agreed to enter a sting operation, as it was the only way that Fayed would lead them to the nukes. Agent Jamal told Fayed that he was sent by General Mohmar Habib, a high-ranking general who was arrested earlier in the hour. Fayed refused to cooperate with the cell until he got confirmation from Habib.

Buchanan called his wife in order to make the call happened, and Palmer set it up with help from the ambassador of Fayed's country. Nadia translated the call, as Mohmar couldn't speak English. A few minutes after the call, Nadia discovered a possible distress signal in the call and reported it to Buchanan. Jack attempted to warn Jamal, but Fayed shot him and managed to escape. Jack followed Fayed to the maintenance area of a tunnel and attempted to share his Intel with Buchanan, but the signal was lost.


Buchanan speaks to Mike Doyle on the phone.

Jack was able to be tracked by satellite, and CTU arrived at the safehouse. Mike Doyle found Jack, who was injured from his fight with Fayed. Fayed and all of the hostiles were killed, and the bombs were secured. Under a presidential order, the military took over CTU's operation and the nukes were brought into their possession. Buchanan held a meeting at CTU and he congratulated CTU personnel for their good work. He then gave him further instructions on how to transfer all of their Intel on the nukes over to the military.

Buchanan was on the phone, when Chloe interrupted him. She revealed that Jack planned to steal a circuit board from one of the nukes. Chloe told Bill that Cheng Zhi had staged Audrey's death and used her as a bargaining chip against Jack. Buchanan contacted Doyle, who demanded for Bauer to stand down. Jack told Doyle that he outranked his authority, but one of the guards knocked Jack out unconscious. Jack pleaded for Buchanan to contact the president, and he agreed to do it as a friend.

When President Palmer authorized the operation, Buchanan told Doyle to give Jack everything he needed. CTU kept surveillance on the component and Nadia kept track of it. After Palmer collapsed during a press conference, Vice President Daniels regained control of the country and he decided to shut down the operation. Karen called Bill and told him about the news. Buchanan called Doyle and gave him instructions on bringing Jack back to CTU. Approximately at midnight, Doyle gained access to a civilian vehicle and contacted Buchanan. He revealed that Jack coercively forced him out of his CTU vehicle and he would bring the sub-circuit board to Cheng. Buchanan made CTU's top priority the apprehension of Bauer and the retrieval of the component.

When Morris lost satellite coverage of the component, he went up to Buchanan's office to discuss an assumption he had. Morris felt that Jack used satellite dishes to cover up the signal of the component when he removed the transmitter device. Morris' theory proved to be correct, but Doyle was in good pursuit. Morris later asked Buchanan if he could be transferred out of com. Buchanan felt that Morris was one of his best analysts and he asked why he wouldn't to make such a sudden change. Buchanan realized that Morris had difficulties with Chloe, due to the fact she hacked into his system earlier to send Jack a schematic of the suitcase nuke. Buchanan agreed to Morris' request and promised to work on it.


Bill informs Nadia that he is stepping down as CTU Director

Once Bill had a few moments in privacy, he called Karen back, as she he had earlier asked him to call at a suitable time. Karen told him that Peter Hock, from the Department of Justice, had confronted her on an issue. He lead the interrogation of Reed Pollock, who was complicit in Palmer's assassination attempt. Pollock traded over sensitive information in order to avoid capital punishment. Hock learned about Fayed being in custody at CTU Seattle 18 months ago, and how Buchanan signed for his release. Pollock insisted that Karen allegedly covered the case up and sealed it in a blue folder while she was with the Department of Homeland Security. Despite the fact that there wasn't enough evidence to hold Fayed at the time, the media wanted a scapegoat for the terrorist actions that took place over the past 11 weeks. It had to be either Karen or Bill, and Karen was too close to the president's administration. When Bill asked if Karen wanted him to resign, she told him that she had to fire him. Bill hung up the phone and his wife called back, but he didn't answer.

When Doyle found Jack's CTU vehicle, Nadia confronted Buchanan to share the Intel with him. Buchanan revealed that he had to step down from his position at CTU, and that he would appoint her as Interim Director, until Division could send over a more suitable replacement. Nadia expressed her belief that Buchanan was one of the greatest agents she ever worked with, and she was disappointed that Buchanan planned to resign. He told her that he was being fired and she would have to make an announcement to all CTU personnel. Buchanan was escorted out of CTU by security and Morris attempted to confront him, but he dismissed him to Nadia.

4:00am-6:00am Edit

Just after 4:00am, Buchanan was dealing with an FBI search of his home. In Washington, his wife, Karen, was plotting with Tom Lennox to avert the exchange of Josh Bauer for the FB subcircuitboard. She insisted that it was wrong to negotiate with sociopaths like Phillip Bauer, as they had been previously fooled by Abu Fayad. She believed they would get nothing from the exchange. She acted outside of the objective of the White House and contacted her husband to recruit him in releasing Jack, so they could prevent the exchange.

Despite the knowledge that he would likely be prosecuted to the full-extent of the law, Buchanan found the vehicle transporting Jack back to CTU and stopped them. He then tried to negotiate with Agent Turner, who he claimed to have trained, and appealed to his sense of "right" by explaining that he was following illegal orders. Meanwhile, Jack knocked out the other agent before pulling a gun on Agent Turner, and subduing him. They drove off in Buchanan's vehicle to Mike Doyle's location.

Karen called them from the White House, while they were on the road. She announced that her computer - which had been giving them intel since his rescue of Jack - had been shut down. She knew that agents would be confronting her soon and an arrest-warrant was to be out for her. As she didn't know if or when she would be allowed to speak with Buchanan again, Karen thanked him for his efforts and said that she loved him. Remorsefully, Buchanan returned the gesture and his wife hung up when the Secret Service finally arrived at her office.

When they arrived at the beach-front, Doyle was already critically-injured by an explosive contained within the decoy circuit-board. They obtained him medical-assistance by calling Nadia Yassir.


Buchanan and Jack plan to steal the CTU helicopter in order to save Josh Bauer

Once another chopper arrived to return them to CTU as per Nadia's orders, Jack revealed to Buchanan that an air-strike had been ordered on the platform and that Nadia was not sending a strike team. Jack told Buchanan that he couldn't let Josh die in the air-strike. His plan consisted of stealing the chopper and conducting an air-raid of his own, and escaping with Josh and the circuit-board before it was hit with the F-18 missiles. Buchanan first tried to convince Jack otherwise, then offered to pilot the chopper, telling Jack to take care of weapons.

They immediately hijacked the chopper and flew towards the oil-rig. Buchanan pleaded with Nadia to surrender the thermal-intel of the rig to them, so they would know the number and location of hostiles. She gave them the most recent footage. Buchanan flew over the rig so Jack could secure the landing pad. After landing, Jack blew up several gas tank to kill all the hostiles. Seriously-injured in an explosion, Cheng Zhi announced to them that it was too late to do anything. Jack gave Buchanan the order to load Cheng onto the chopper and await his return, Jack wanted to check to see if Josh was still on the platform

He loaded a wounded Cheng onto the chopper and handcuffed him. Approximately 8 1/2 minutes later, Josh Bauer ran out from the wreckage and climbed aboard. He told him that Jack was still dealing with his father. Buchanan then laid out a ladder from the skid of the chopper and lifted it off of the ground.

He announced to Jack over their com-sat that he would pilot the chopper to the side of the rig, closest to his current location. Jack Bauer leaped from the railing and grabbed onto the ladder, and Buchanan piloted away from the rig just as the missiles impacted the platform to cause their destruction.

Over the ocean, when they were close to shore, Jack released his grip on the ladder and plummeted to the water, and swam to shore. Bill returned and hovered above Jack on the beach. Holding up his hand, Jack signaled for them to leave. Buchanan nodded to him and flew away. When Josh asked him why he didn't pick Jack up, he explained that he didn't want him to, because he wasn't ready.

Through the intervention of Tom Lennox, the Vice President Noah Daniels decided to pardon Karen and Bill of any federal charges in their behavior throughout the day.

At CTU Headquarters, Buchanan personally led in the agents, Josh Bauer and a handcuffed Cheng Zhi. Buchanan then confronted Cheng, who told him that China would not abandon him the way that the United States had abandoned Jack Bauer. Buchanan ordered the agents to take him into imprisonment until he could be properly arraigned.

Bill then spoke with Nadia and complimented her on her excellent work. She asked him where Jack was, and his reply was that he had requested not to return. When she showed concern and interest in finding Jack, Bill told her that she would never find Jack if he didn't want to be found.

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