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Bill Kendall was a member of Jack Bauer's Delta Force strike team during Operation Nightfall.


Bill told Jack that Dave Evans was dead, and that there was no way to cross the mine field to meet their contact. He went though the forest with the rest of the team, and entered the house of David and Anna Petrovic before the rest of the team, with Ronnie Pope.

He travelled to meet the Petrovics’ contact who would take them to Victor Drazen’s compound. Once they made it to the army base of the contact, Jack instructed Bill, Ronnie and Al Crenshaw to circle the checkpoint. After that, he met back up with Jack and drove him away with the contact, Jovan Tesla.


Bill is shot by Anna

When they arrived at Drazen's base, he illuminated the target and shot it from a plane. It exploded into flames, supposedly killing everyone inside. However, he was with Jack when he was informed to go back to the base to check everyone was dead. He objected to going back, but agreed to anyway. He went with Al Crensaw to have another look at the facility. They saw Serbian regulars and Drazen's personal guards in the destroyed area: nothing that contradicted their earlier evaluation.


Bill throws the grenade

After Anna had shot Tesla and Ronnie, Jack told Bill to switch to channel B on his radio. He was instructed by Bauer to get back to the site. On his way, he was shot in the stomach by Anna. However, Bill thought he was the only other member of the team alive besides Jack, so he had to continue with the mission. Jack helped him back to the van where they discovered Stephen Saunders was still alive.

The three men waited in the van for several hours for Savoy Seven to help with their transportation schedule. Bill helped to slow Stephen's bleeding down in the time they were waiting. After Ellis got back to the team, they found the location. After arriving there, Jack instructed Bill to wait by the car whilst he and Stephen entered the location. He told Bill that he hoped he would not have to come in after them, but to be ready in case.

After Jack and Stephen had raided the building, Bill drove up in the van. He collided with an oil tanker, and threw a grenade into the air. The whole place exploded into flames, including Bill in the car.

Background information and notes[]

  • Kendall is recognizable by the bandage on his nose throughout the mission.

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