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William "Billy" Ray is an American screenwriter and director, who wrote the original draft of the canceled 24 feature film. His script was turned down by the studio, as it “wasn’t strong enough or compelling enough” for them to produce.

Biography and career[edit | edit source]

Ray began writing for television and movies in 1994 with Color of Night, starring Eriq La Salle. He has written numerous movies including Volcano, Hart's War (starring Scott Michael Campbell, Rick Ravanello, Vicellous Shannon, and Maury Sterling), Suspect Zero (starring Harry Lennix), Flightplan (starring Assaf Cohen and Judith Scott), and State of Play (starring Harry Lennix).

Starting in 2003 he began to direct as well as write; his first film was Shattered Glass, the story of a reporter who invented his stories, starring Cas Anvar. He was nominated for the Most Promising Filmmaker by the Chicago Film Critics Association and an Independent Spirit Award for Best Screenplay for his work on this film. In the 2007 release, Breach, which Ray co-wrote and directed, he tells a stylistically similar story about an FBI agent who spies for the Russians. Breach featured Dennis Haysbert in a prominent supporting role.

Selected filmography[edit | edit source]


  • State of Play (2009)
  • Breach (2007)
  • Flightplan (2005)
  • Shattered Glass (2003)
  • Hart's War (2002)
  • Volcano (1997)


  • Breach (2007)
  • Shattered Glass (2003)

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