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20YearsOf24 20YearsOf24 29 May 2021

20th Anniversary Virtual Convention Kickstarter Is Live Now

The "20 Years Of 24" Podcast is hosting the 20th Anniversary of 24 with a live Virtual Convention on Saturday, November 6, 2021!

Mark your calendars, as many of our podcast guests have expressed an interest in participating, depending on schedules.

Details at and

Limited space - reserve your spot today!

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20YearsOf24 20YearsOf24 29 May 2021

20 Years Of 24 Podcast

The "20 Years Of 24" Podcast (Spotify, iHeartRadio) has spoken with:

  • Joaquim de Almeida ("Ramon Salazar")
  • Eric Balfour ("Milo Pressman")
  • Tara Dilullo Bennett (Author, "24: The Official Companions, S1-6")
  • Xander Berkeley ("George Mason")
  • Carlos Bernard ("Tony Almeida")
  • Daniel Bess ("Rick Allen")
  • Jon Cassar ("24" Director/Producer)
  • Rodney Charters ("24" Director Of Photography)
  • Sarah Clarke ("Nina Myers")
  • Bob Cochran (Co-Father Of "24")
  • Elisha Cuthbert ("Kim Bauer")
  • Chris Diamantopoulos ("Rob Weiss")
  • Megalyn Echikunwoke ("Nicole Palmer")
  • David Fury ("24" Writer)
  • Howard Gordon ("24" Showrunner/Writer)
  • Sprague Grayden ("Olivia Taylor")
  • Laura Harris ("Marie Warner")
  • Joseph Hodges ("24" Production Designer)
  • Leslie Hope ("Teri Bauer")
  • Greg Itzin ("President Charles …
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Escapeplan24 Escapeplan24 1 January 2021

Reviving 24 and Prison Break.

There are only 2 TV Shows I have watched in the lockdown and I am in love with both of them. I got really sad when they ended because these both TV series were keeping me going in the lockdown. I was actually absorbed in the character of Jack Bauer and Michael Scofield. It felt like they have become a part of my routine. It was a coincidence for me that both of my favorite tv shows were produced by FOX TV.

Everyday, I used to google the possibility of next season of both of these TV shows. When I was sure that the new season would never come, I decided to write my own script to relive that feeling I got by watching those TV Shows. And what made me click was that I merged both of these TV Shows and wrote a crossover myself because both of th…

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LeeCastle24 LeeCastle24 28 May 2020

Field agent mysteries

In this blog post, I'm going to be having a look at some of the "mysteries"/uncertainties regarding the field agents in 24 - such as continuity errors, background performers, etc etc.

  • 1 Day 3
    • 1.1 Chandler Plaza Hotel
  • 2 Day 4
    • 2.1 Felsted Security
    • 2.2 Operation to apprehend Yosik Khatami

This operation was an interesting one. Everyone knows Michelle and Gael were part of this operation, but what about the other agents?

To start off with, we see them pull up to the hotel at about 3:53am. Getting out of the cars are Brian Pierson, Peterson, the "Division agent" - plus four other unnamed agents.

The agents can be seen getting out of the car. When you look closely, strangely in the first shot as Michelle speaks with Craig Phillips it seems you can perhaps se…

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Sarinyuok0265 Sarinyuok0265 11 February 2020


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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 13 March 2018

Big Bads of each season?

Supernatural has its own page for who the main villain of each season is. I don't know if this wiki's going to get one but basically I'll make a list and see if we can agree on it.

Also listing secondary antagonists, but forgive me if I don't remember a whole lot from Seasons 3 onward

Day 1:

Main - Victor Drazen. At first it was Gaines, but he was working for Andre, and it's later revealed Victor was somehow in contact with Andre the whole time he was in prison and thus he seems to be the mastermind behind the day's events. Ultimately the highest up the chain of command here.

Secondary - Andre Drazen, Ira Gaines, and Nina Myers. Also Carl Webb and Sherry Palmer for David Palmer's subplot.

Day 2:

Main - Peter Kingsley, who orchestrated the whole …

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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 27 February 2018

Is the game canon?

Wikipedia acts like it is, and Max's article lists his death there.

Though, I'm a bit iffy about this because Wayne said that David Palmer "arrested the man behind the attempt on his life", which is Max, and Trepkos didn't really know anything about that. Which seems to contradict his being shot by Jack.

So, is the game actually canon to the show?

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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 16 February 2018

Possible fate for Jonathan Matijevich

It never just occurred to me until now, but I just got to Gaines's death episode where Gaines told Kevin that if you fail the Drazens or try to leave them, they WILL find you and kill you. That's why he was so confident Jack could never protect him despite the offer.

Now, Jonathan Matijevich was unable to kill David Palmer, the job he was specifically hired for. Yes, this was due to Jack's interference by grabbing Alan Hayes's gun, but he disappeared after that and Andre sent his brother Alexis to kill Palmer in his place, why?

It is specified he escapes, and that CTU agents were looking for him, working out that he was involved due to deducing the real Martin Belkin's fate. It is also specified that he never got back to Gaines after the ass…

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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 15 February 2018

Gaines telling Jack to kill Nina

(Spoilers if you haven't seen the end of Season 1, but I'm sure most people here have)


Did Gaines know whose side Nina was really on? Had the writers decided it at the time? If not, they did such a great job at hiding Nina's true allegiance throughout the first 20 or so episodes, even using her as a "red herring" at the beginning.

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Pyramidhead Pyramidhead 30 November 2017

Random 24 Review Thread

Was writing a response to Blue Rook about 24: Legacy on my talk page and it spiraled into a full review/rant about the current state of 24 as a whole. I never really blog on here but I figured I'd post it separately, feel free to weigh in or vent as well if you like:

Weird enough, as I was watching the first five or six I actually enjoyed Legacy for the most part. I thought the pilot and the initial premise was a strong start and different enough to overlook the simple fact that it's basically just retreading the same few plot devices that 24 always has. That's not even a bad thing, necessarily. In my opinion the show lives or dies by its character writing, the plot has a certain level of repetition that seems to be part of the deal at this point. B…
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Shinnest Shinnest 22 March 2017

What's the difference between Jack Bauer and Eric Carter?

Jack Bauer and Eric Carter. What's the difference between them in the 24 franchise?

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TykTrope59 TykTrope59 6 December 2016

EU To-Do List

This is just a personal list I'm creating and will continously update as I make my way through the franchise's expanded universe.

1. Read Trinity and update the Death List for the novel: Complete.

2. Read Head Shot and update the Death List for the novel: Complete.

3. Read Death Angel and update the Death List for the novel: Complete.

4. Read Operation Hell Gate and update the Death List for the novel: Complete.

5. Read Storm Force and update the Death List for the novel: Complete.

6. Read Deadline and update the Death List for the novel: Complete.

7. Read Rogue and update the Death List for the novel: Complete.

8. Read Trial by Fire and update the Death List for the novel: Complete.

9. Rewatch Conspiracy and update the Death List: Complete.

10. Rewatch The Rookie and update t…

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Station7 Station7 6 November 2016

What does this mean? Please with picture :)

Hey there, on Day 3: 1:00pm-2:00pm there is at the Background information and notes this said:

This episode marks the first time that someone tints the windows of one of the offices at CTU. The second time this happens is in Day 8: 12:00pm-1:00pm.

What does this mean? It's strange that I didn't asked this before, but I really want to know what this does mean. :) Please so, with picture. :D --Station7 (talk) 22:41, November 6, 2016 (UTC)

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Station7 Station7 29 August 2016

Indian pages

Hey there, I just wanted to say I love the Indian pages. There are awesome. I love them. :) You make me so happy with this. All who already worked on the project deserves a huge thank you. :D --Station7 (talk) 21:26, August 29, 2016 (UTC)

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BattleshipMan BattleshipMan 15 March 2016

24 with similarities to various movies, TV shows and video games

This is the blog about how 24 bares resemblances to various movies, TV shows and video games.

Jack Bauer bares similarities to movie and video game characters such as Die Hard's John McClane, Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher, The Bourne Identity's Jason Bourne and is said to have influenced recent characters such as Bryan Mills in the Taken movie franchise. Additionally, the character Mike Banning in the Olympus Has Fallen film franchise bears similarity to Bauer by not only being a former Special Forces soldier but also having to save the President of the U.S. when terrorists invade the White House. Banning also coincidentally ends up killing a total of 24 villain.

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Station7 Station7 9 February 2016

How did you thought about 24: Redemption?

Hello there guys,

I have a very simple question. How did you though about 24: Redemption? I know what most people thought about the TV series, but I haven't heard that much here about the movie. So, what did you thought?

I liked the movie very much. Poor kids by the way. --Station7 (talk) 23:15, February 9, 2016 (UTC)

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Station7 Station7 15 December 2015

Could we go further with this?

I saw this awesome list: User:Canada Dry/Stinger and I thought, could we expand the list further with all other cliffhangers? That would be freaking awesome. :D --Station7 (talk) 23:18, December 15, 2015 (UTC)

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Rupsin12 Rupsin12 25 October 2015

iZombie Series Plot , StarCast

'iZombie' is an American television series developed by writer/producers Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, airing on Colors Infinity. This series developed by Rob Thomas & Diane Ruggiero-Wright . It is a loose adaptation of the comic book series of the same name created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred.

Plot of 'iZombie'

Seattle medical resident Olivia "Liv" Moore is turned into a zombie while attending a boat party. To cope with her new appetite for brains, Liv takes a job at the King County morgue and shares her secret with her boss, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti.

In order for Liv to survive, Ravi encourages her to eat the brains of murder victims who are delivered to the morgue. Whenever she eats a victim's brain, Liv inherits so…

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AlexGRFan97 AlexGRFan97 5 October 2015

All Episodes of 24 Ranked

Now, many people have ranked the seasons as a whole in the past, but to my knowledge, no-one has attempted ranking every episode in order, and this is what really needs to be done more. Regular TV shows would typically have consistent writing throughout 13 episodes, as they are usually tasked with creating a whole new story from scratch. 24 was different in the way that each season had to have 24 episodes, almost double, and had to continue the story of the previous episode.

  • 1 The following will take place on this scale:
    • 1.1 Story
    • 1.2 Action
    • 1.3 Realism
    • 1.4 Atmosphere
  • 2 The Rankings
    • 2.1 Day 1, Hour 19 (6:00 PM - 7:00 PM)
    • 2.2 Day 1, Hour 16 (3:00 PM - 4:00 PM)
    • 2.3 Day 2, Hour 5 (12:00 PM - 1:00PM)
    • 2.4 Day 1, Hour 17 (4:00 PM - 5:00 PM)
    • 2.5 Day 1, Hour 15 (2:00 P…

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BattleshipMan BattleshipMan 26 July 2015

"24" actors on "Air Force One"

Some 24 actors have appeared on the movie Air Force One, which is based on the name of the plane of The President of the United States of America.

  1. Wendy Crewson
  2. Xander Berkeley
  3. Jurgen Prochnow
  4. Glenn Morshower
  5. David Gianopoulos
  6. Bill Smitrovich
  7. Spencer Garrett
  8. Tom Everett
  9. Timothy Carhart
  10. Don McManus
  11. Boris Krutonog
  12. Bruce Holman
  13. Charlie Brewer
  14. Chris O'Hara
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Gunman6 Gunman6 24 June 2015

''24'' Actors on ''The Last Ship''

Some familiar 24 guest stars and recurring actors have appeared on TNT's new hit military-epidemic thriller, The Last Ship, which is also based on the novel of the same name.

  • Maximiliano Hernandez
  • Bill Smitrovich
  • Ravil Isyanov
  • John Pyper-Ferguson
  • Bruce Nozick

  • Tracy Middendorf
  • Justin Alston
  • Mark Kubr
  • Sala Baker
  • Michael Benyaer
  • Anthony Martins
  • Jose Zuniga
  • Eddie J. Fernandez
  • Will Leong (unidentified so far)
  • Eyad Elbitar (unidentified so far)
  • Mark Aaron Wagner (unidentified so far)
  • Jimmy N. Roberts (unidentified so far)
  • Melissa Barker (stunt double)
  • Shauna Duggins (unidentified so far)
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Acer4666 Acer4666 11 June 2015

Andre Drazen's phone

I'm appealing here for help from you awesome fellow Wiki 24 editors to try and help me identify a cell phone used by Andre Drazen on the show. Identifying phones is a personal project I am doing that I hope one day to make into a proper page, but this one phone I have put countless hours into identifying and still cannot.

It is a grey flip phone that has MP3 capabilities and Mp3 music controls on the flippy down bit on the front. The speaker where you listen seems to have the Motorola "M" logo on it, but I actually think it may be an as-yet unidentified "N" logo, as that is what it has on its back speaker. I am unable to read the text just below the screen - it looks like it may say "Audio-" something or "digital" or something.

If anybody has t…

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Nitromancer Nitromancer 3 June 2015

Am I insane or not?

So, I've been re-watching ye olde Season 1 recently, and I was about halfway through Episode 6 when I noticed a little touch that actually made me go back and re-watch that scene several times. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I encourage you to go back and re-watch that episode yourself. Without giving it away, it occurs about 19 minutes in and involves the most diabolically clever use of a split screen I've ever seen.

Done? Still don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Well, while on the phone with Nina, a slightly annoyed Jack asks for an update on the goings on at CTU. After which, Nina glances over her shoulder at the body of a certain accountant from the Valley; at the same time, we can also see Jack—for no apparent r…

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Is there a real branch of government in America like C.T.U.? Or... in any country?

Is there a real branch of government in America like C.T.U.? Or... in any country? Italic text

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Station7 Station7 22 May 2015

What are the Russians going to do with Jack Bauer?

It's strange that I didn't asked this earlier, but what are the Russians planning to do with Jack Bauer? Are they going to torture him? It didn't appears that they want to kill him. Since they only "needed him".

Has anyone a theory? --Station7 (talk) 21:06, May 22, 2015 (UTC)

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Gunman6 Gunman6 1 April 2015

"24" Stars' Notable Ventures into SciFi-Horror Movies

The main cast of "24"'s roles in questionable to rather decent Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror entertainment movies/TV shows/videogames.

  • Carlos Bernard- The Killing Jar, Babylon 5: A Call to Arms, 10.5: Apocalypse, Alien Raiders, Ghost Storm= 6 credits
  • Reiko Aylesworth- Magma: Volcanic Disaster, The Killing Floor, AVP 2: Requiem, LOST, SGU: Stargate Universe, Revolution= 6 credits
  • Roger Cross- M.A.N.T.I.S., Hideaway, Sliders, The sentinel, Viper, Highlander, Millennium, Doomsday Rock, Cloned, The X-Files, Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD, Stargate SG-1, War Planets, Aftershock: Earthquake in NY, NASCAR Racers, NASCAR Racers: The Movie, First Wave, The Outer Limits, The Void, Andromeda, Interceptor Force 2, Taken (2002 mini-series), X2: X-Men United, The Twilight Zone (2003), Star T…
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BattleshipMan BattleshipMan 12 March 2015

24 Actors and stunt performers who appeared in the Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen movies

This is the list of actors and stuntman in 24 who appeared in the films Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen.

  1. Simon Rhee
  2. Andy Cheng
  3. Ron Yuan
  4. Arnold Chon
  5. Lin Oeding
  6. Clayton Barber
  7. Philip Tan
  8. Will Leong
  9. Jeff Brockton
  10. Kevin Beard (as Thomas Kevin Beard)
  11. J. J. Perry
  12. Gary J. Wayton
  13. Terry Dale Parks
  14. Lloyd Barachina

  1. Colin Salmon
  2. Nigel Whitmey
  3. Gary Arthurs
  4. Justin Pearson
  5. Julian Kostov
  6. David Garrick
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Fooan943 Fooan943 4 March 2015

Here u go fans

Agree that first half of season could not have Jack but he has/will come back into it…

Speaking of spoiler alert it’s not long before the return of David Palmer either… He faked his death to protect Jack and his family, but also to lead a secret agency targeting mafia/cartels and it’s infiltration into world governments and corporations (think back to earlier seasons). Jack was left out as he was only incorruptible agent that would not succumb to this group and help identify there identities by just doing his job. David Palmer will be the link between Tony and Jack being partners again as Tony knows David is alive and is working with him (remember Tony goes to see a contact in his last series but we never see who he actually meets)…

David Pa…

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BattleshipMan BattleshipMan 14 February 2015

24 actors who appeared on Bosch

Actors who appeared on both shows

  • Annie Wersching
  • Amy Price-Francis (who appeared in the original pilot, but left and her character was re-casted in the new version of the pilot and the rest of the series)
  • Jamie McShane (who appeared in the original pilot, but left afterwards)
  • Mark Derwin (who replaced McShane on the new version of the pilot and the rest of the series)
  • Scott Klace
  • Paul Vincent O'Connor
  • DaJuan Johnson
  • Steven Culp
  • Sarah Clarke
  • Mary Page Keller
  • John Eddins
  • Burt Bulos
  • Callie Thompson
  • Jeff Griggs
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Gunman6 Gunman6 5 February 2015

Comedians on ''24''

Any sitcom actor, stand-up comedian, cartoon voice-over actor or comic thespian who just who happened to appear on this dramatic show.

  • Mary Lynn Rajskub
  • Aisha Tyler
  • David Herman
  • Ricky Gervais
  • Stephen Merchant
  • Jane Fallon
  • Kal Penn
  • Oscar Nunez
  • Stephen Root
  • D. C. Douglas
  • Nancy Cartwright
  • Janeane Garofalo
  • Sivuyile "Siv" Ngesi
  • Shaun Majumder
  • Gideon Emery

Elisha Cuthbert is excluded since she only started pursuing work in comedy films and shows after her success from being on this show. Eddie Izzard also didn't make the final cut of the show and Sam Ayers worked primarily as a stuntman/actor.--Gunman6 (talk) 06:15, February 5, 2015 (UTC)

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Gunman6 Gunman6 2 February 2015

''24'' / ''Revolution'' Actors

Actors who appeared on both shows.

  • Billy Burke
  • Conor O'Farrell
  • Leslie Hope
  • Annie Wersching
  • Kim Raver
  • Reiko Aylesworth
  • Mark Kubr
  • Glenn Morshower
  • Conor O'Farrell
  • Tim Guinee
  • Dennis Keiffer
  • Colm Feore
  • Simon Rhee
  • Nestor Serrano
  • Erik Betts
  • Will Leong

Also fair fair to note that Jon Cassar directed a couple of episodes on occasion.

--Gunman6 (talk) 23:06, February 2, 2015 (UTC)

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Gunman6 Gunman6 1 February 2015

Actors on both ''24'' and ''Call of Duty'' series

Anyone who was in both this show and the hit video game series.

  • Julian Sands
  • Tony Todd
  • Glenn Morshower
  • Ian Anthony Dale
  • Gideon Emery
  • Randall Archer
  • Ron Yuan
  • Kiefer Sutherland
  • Roman Varshavsky
  • Eamon Hunt
  • Greg Ellis
  • Mark Bramhall
  • Gene Farber
  • Michael Cudlitz
  • Omid Abtahi
  • Dennis Haysbert
  • Fred Toma
  • Mark Ivanir
  • Harry Van Gorkum
  • Roger Cross
  • Graham McTavish
  • Tony Curran
  • Lin Oeding
  • Hakeem Kae-Kazim
  • Tim Griffin
  • Yoshio Iizuka
  • Michael Madsen
  • Ian Anthony Dale
  • Navid Negahban
  • Ethan Rains
  • Zuhair Haddad (ADR guy on 24)
  • Benito Martinez
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Gunman6 Gunman6 27 January 2015

Politics BTS on "24"

Here is a list for simple curiosity on the behind-the-scenes political viewpoints of various cast and crew members of 24:

  • Kiefer Sutherland
  • Carlos Bernard
  • Dennis Haysbert
  • William Devane
  • Howard Gordon
  • Janeane Garofalo
  • Michael Loceff
  • James Cromwell
  • Lou Diamond Phillips
  • Marci Michelle (refers to herself on her Twitter as "Dyslexic Liberal")
  • Katee Sackhoff
  • James Morrison
  • Eric Balfour
  • Penny Johnson Jerald (Hints at it here)
  • Sara Gilbert
  • Al Sapienza (Raised money for Al Gore's campaign in 2000 with Bon Jovi)

  • Powers Boothe
  • John McCain
  • Ned Vaughn (conservative and yet shares various liberal viewpoints[1])
  • Jon Voight
  • Rick Schroder
  • Dennis Hopper
  • Manny Coto
  • Joel Surnow
  • Freddie Prinze Jr.
  • Thom Williams

  • Evan Katz (Started out leaning to the left and then became a moderate right-wi…

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Gunman6 Gunman6 12 January 2015

24 Actors on Hawaii Five-O Reboot

  • Daniel Dae Kim
  • Reiko Aylesworth
  • Greg Ellis
  • Carlos Bernard
  • Kelvin Han Yee
  • Michael Rodrick
  • Kavita Patil
  • Louis Lombardi
  • Jean Smart
  • Ian Anthony Dale
  • Paul Eliopoulos
  • Justin Sundquist
  • Garret Sato
  • Tom Sizemore
  • Michael Madsen
  • Tanoai Reed
  • Brian Hite
  • Ray Wise
  • Peter Weller
  • Chester E. Tripp III
  • Max Martini
  • Tzi Ma
  • C. Thomas Howell
  • Tony Todd
  • Aisha Tyler
  • Nestor Serrano
  • Annie Wersching
  • Timothy V. Murphy
  • Henri Lubatti
  • Rhys Coiro
  • Michael McGrady
  • Matt Bushell
  • François Chau
  • Doug Savant
  • Carlo Rota
  • Tony Curran
  • John Billingsley
  • Bruce Nozick
  • Richard Burgi
  • Carmen Argenziano
  • Chris Gann
  • Ned Vaughn
  • Phil Culotta
  • Jon Gries
  • Glenn Morshower
  • Henry Ian Cusick
  • Greg Collins
  • Jeffrey G. Barnett
  • Sera Trimble
  • Henry Kingi, Jr
  • Eyad Elbitar
  • Mark Riccardi
  • Ray Siegle
  • Henri Lubatti

  • The show runner is former 24 scribe Peter Lenkov and the …

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Gunman6 Gunman6 4 January 2015

Eating, Drinking, Restroom Usage and Sleeping on ''24''

Any significant moments on the show that involve any of the four everyday human activities. I was planning on creating a page for this on here. I don't have near as much time as I like anymore but will compile what I have here and re-suggest it to others in the future if there is once again interest in the subject.

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Gunman6 Gunman6 30 December 2016

Snipers on ''24''

Various heroes and villains who happen to be equipped with sniper rifles on some occasion. Off-color humor attempts will end up following. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Gunman6 Gunman6 2 January 2015

Stargate SG-1 actors on 24

  • Michael Shanks
  • Lou Diamond Phillips
  • William Devane
  • Carmen Argenziano
  • Julian Sands
  • Tony Todd
  • Roger Cross
  • Jay Acovone
  • Christina Cox
  • Tamlyn Tomita
  • Louis Ferreira
  • Cliff M. Simon
  • Tobin Bell
  • Francois Chau
  • James Parks
  • Paul McGillion
  • Reiko Aylesworth
  • Carlo Rota
  • Robert Carlyle
  • John Noble
  • Connor Trinneer
  • David Dayan Fisher
  • Rudolf Martin
  • Steven Culp
  • Diego Klattenhoff
  • Laura Harris
  • Reed Diamond
  • John Billingsley

Also, Brad Turner was one of the leading producers and directors on all three Stargate shows outside of his work on telefilms, 24 and Prison Break.

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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 10 September 2015

Alan Wilson and the conspiracy

I'd put this on the forum (where it'd be easier to find) if it was for discussion about the show but I guess I'll have to ask it on a blog instead.

I've only seen each season once (cept Season 1 which I saw twice) so I might not remember key details, but who was the highest figure in the conspiracy? As far as Season 5 told us it was Graem (since even Logan seemed to answer to him), and Season 6 tells us Phillip is working with him. Yet in Season 7 it says Wilson was behind the whole conspiracy (obviously they made Wilson the mastermind to give Tony someone to seek revenge on so they could do the whole "Tony turns evil to get revenge" thing (just to tick us off), coz Graem and Phillip died in Season 6).

So my question is: Was Wilson on the sa…

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Gunman6 Gunman6 30 November 2014

Recurring characters on the show

3x03 CTU ext.jpg|Brian Pierson- This character is rather underused in terms of actual screen time but is still given plenty to do such as keep a hold on prisoners and walk with the principle characters for the second and third season.

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Gunman6 Gunman6 23 November 2014

Sopranos Actors on "24"

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Gunman6 Gunman6 2 November 2014

Alternate and Potential Storyline for ''24''

  • Middle story-arc of Season 7: An FBI takeover of FBI headquarters where a group of terrorists working in league with Starkwood and led by another guy (played by Michael Ironside) pulling the strings and who, unlike Alan Wilson, escapes both being caught and killed much like Robert Morrison. This mysterious terrorist and his mercenaries bypass many firewalls and security channels to point away all indication that Hodges and his people smuggling a toxic weapon beneath everyone's eyes. Renee and Jack warn Larry Moss who fails once again to believe anything Jack's saying about the incoming intel on this attack.

Ironside's character takes over the FBI headquarters after accessing a parking garage among other material that has been going on for a…

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BattleshipMan BattleshipMan 1 November 2014

Which actor should have appeared in 24 and what would make a 24 season better

Gunman6 and I we're thinking about which actor should have appeared in 24 and what could make a season of 24 better.

For various actors and stunt performers who should have made appearance in 24 and what type of roles that they would have appeared in:

  1. Michael Ironside (Total Recall, the voice of Sam Fisher of five Splinter Cell games) - He would made a great top villain of 24 or a CTU director.
  2. Thomas F. Duffy (Jurassic Park: The Lost World, Varsity Blues) - Duffy would be good as a criminal or suspect involved in the plot.
  3. Diane Neal (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NCIS) - Neal would make a good Secret Service agent or a CTU staffer.
  4. Keith David (Voice of Goliath in Gargoyles, Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick) - He would be a good S…

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Gunman6 Gunman6 30 April 2016

Unnamed contacts

This is a list of unnamed contacts with spoken lines and/or credited actors seen on 24.

  • 1 Day 1
    • 1.1 Homeless woman
  • 2 Day 2
    • 2.1 OC operator
  • 3 Day 3
    • 3.1 Salazar pilot
    • 3.2 Amador's operative
  • 4 Day 4
    • 4.1 IDS systems employee
    • 4.2 EMP technician
  • 5 Conspiracy
    • 5.1 Susan's contact
  • 6 Day 5
    • 6.1 Spotter
    • 6.2 Harry's daughter
  • 7 Day 6
    • 7.1 Floor manager
  • 8 Day 7
    • 8.1 FAA official
    • 8.2 Starkwood ATC
    • 8.3 Chopper pilot
  • 9 Day 8
    • 9.1 Woman
  • 10 Day 9
    • 10.1 CIA operator
    • 10.2 The Handler

After having received a phone call from Kim Bauer, Teri Bauer and Kevin Carroll (posing as Alan York) rushed to Platt's Auto Body to find Kim and Janet. A homeless woman told them that a young girl was taken away in an ambulance to St. Mark's and that she didn't look good.

The woman was played by Kathy Byron in "3:00am-4:00am."

Jack Bauer, und…

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Gunman6 Gunman6 18 June 2015

Day 1 Miscellaneous Unknowns

--Gunman6 (talk) 02:34, September 25, 2014 (UTC)

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Rose0056 Rose0056 7 August 2014

Great hatred was reported

But you did not think that I have this grass snake to turn around one day, I would like to thank you, it is your daughter sake of me. "The hands of the sword struggling to throw the ball, sword deep into a stone, often Xiao broke shouted:" Master, leave this sword again for junior sister apprentice choose a Chenglongkuaixu, wedding day, please do not forget to drink a bowl of my brothers wedding . "Whistle loudly, ran near MIGHTY often Xiao flying horse, his back laughing, ten years ago, the snow was finally replaced by the blood of his blood enemy, MIGHTY act swiftly gone missing. Chen Hongren looking at the floor of the dead overwhelmed, Chen Xia cried: "Dad, are you. "Chen Hongren, after all, is an old traveler, teeth and said:" Xia chi…

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Gunman6 Gunman6 30 April 2017

Other Murders by Jack Bauer

Here are any kills that were partially obscured and/or were confirmed later on but not directly seen on-screen.

  • 1 DAY ONE
    • 1.1 Second Drazen Guard
    • 1.2 Serge
  • 2 DAY SIX
    • 2.1 Cheng's oil rig guard
    • 3.1 Cheng Zhi's six unnamed mercenaries

This man was armed with an Uzi and likely died from the impact of Bauer's van hitting the booth he was in.

This man was later confirmed by the roster seen at the beginning of Day 9 and was likely killed during the brief scene where Bauer shoots at some men off-screen prior to going after both Andre and Victor Drazen.

This man was one of the men who went and attacked Bauer prior to being either shot or blown up by the explosions Bauer caused.

In-between the dock raids and jump to Audrey Raines' murder segment, the…

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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 10 September 2015

24: Live Another Day final

Up until now all I did was read wikipedia's summaries on Live Another Day because I didn't like Seasons 7 and 8 as much. However, I watched the final when it came on last night. (Contains spoilers of course)

The good: Cheng's dead. Jack finally got his revenge for torturing him for over a year, torturing Audrey, and, as of the final episode, killing her. I imagine this will be second only to, or even surpass, Nina Myers in "Top 10 Jack Bauer kills". This has extra power in a year where shows rarely kill off villains anymore, seeing as how he appeared in three earlier seasons of 24.

The bad: No Mandy, I was hoping she'd return, maybe as Cheng's sniper, but it was a male Chinese sniper. They lied when they said Mandy could return. Also, at thi…

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Station7 Station7 15 July 2014

What the writers are trying to telling us...

I'm sure and I think the writers were trying to tell us that 24: Live Another Day takes place in 2014. I'm 100% sure of it. --Station7 (talk) 10:08, July 15, 2014 (UTC)

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Thief12 Thief12 8 July 2014

Avoid Spoilers at IMDb

Maybe it's too late, but in case any of you want to avoid potential spoilers, don't even read the synopsis for the final episode on IMDb. I went there to check on the names of some characters and actors on tonight's episode, and the synopsis from the upcoming episode popped right on my face. At least three massive spoilers on just the first two sentences, so although IMDb is not entirely reliable, in case any of you want to see the last episode spoiler-free, don't go there. Thief12 (talk) 02:50, July 8, 2014 (UTC)

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