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Bob Peluso was the undercover name of one of Cara Bowden's prion group operatives during Day 7.

Day 7 Edit

Bob and another undercover operative, Sarah were sent to an airport by Cara Bowden and Tony Almeida to monitor Kim Bauer and murder her if Jack Bauer did not comply with Bowden's demands.

Kim realized that she was being observed (by FBI agent Franks) and was unsettled, so she went over to sit with Sarah and Bob, trusting their friendly company while waiting for her flight. Bob asked Kim if she wanted anything to drink but she turned down the offer. Bob walked into the bathroom and killed agent Franks who was sent to monitor Kim by her father. Later, Bob made a video of Kim which he sent to Cara to threaten Jack with.

Eventually, Kim found out that Sarah and Bob could be threatening her when Kim got a call from Renee Walker about the man trailing her. As soon as Bob saw that DC Police and airport security were closing in on him and Sarah, he pulled out a gun and opened fire. He managed to kill four of the officers before fleeing to the parking garage to get to his getaway vehicle. Unknown to him, Kim trailed him and warned security officers. On his getaway, Bob shot at the two officers. He downed one before the other managed to severely wound him, causing his car to flip upside down and get engulfed in flames.

Kim, being a former CTU analyst, reached for Bob's laptop in the burning car to assist the FBI in finding her father. Bob grabbed Kim in a last-chance effort to kill her, but she slipped away and Bob was burned to death in the car fire.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Sarah, while making conversation with Kim Bauer, mentioned that Bob's last name was "Peluso": Sarah mentions that Bob's parents, "the Pelusos", live near Kim and Stephen in L.A. Given his undercover status, it is nearly certain that this name and her story were simply another part of his cover.

Live appearancesEdit

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