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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Boorman was a CTU Los Angeles field agent active during Day 6.

Day 6[]

CTU field team leader Curtis Manning assigned Agent Boorman to restrain Hamri Al-Assad and keep him under close watch. Curtis was taking control aggressively from Jack Bauer and treating Assad suspiciously. But before Boorman patted down Assad for Curtis, Jack asked for a moment. After Jack apologized to Assad for Curtis' lack of cooperation, Boorman checked Assad for weapons at 8:44am.

Boorman remained with Assad until Jack presented President Palmer's conditional pardon agreement at the home of civilian Scott Wallace. Jack told Assad that Agent Boorman would then take him back to CTU. Later, as Boorman walked Assad to a vehicle, Curtis took over from him but only to threaten Assad in revenge for his past terrorist crimes.

Agent Boorman drove Assad back to CTU Los Angeles, and left his company after Assad went with Bill Buchanan and Nadia Yassir past the security station.

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