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Filming the helicopter explosion for Boys and Their Toys

Boys and Their Toys is a special feature found on the Season Three DVD.

Boys and Their ToysEdit

Major Terry Thomas of the FA talks about how 24 came into contact with the military, and how it was a good opportunity for them and so the request was accepted. Nicole Burke, the 1st AD, explains the situation to the crew. Stan and Scott Blackwell, the effects supervisors, prepare for the upcoming explosion. Tim Iacofano, the director, explains to the crew the run-through of what will happen during the scene. Burke shows where all the cameras are located, prepared for the scene. Rodney Charters talks about the use of the second unit, which generally is only usually occasionally for larger stunts but is becoming more common practice for 24.

The Blackwell brothers explain how they exploded the helicopter once, but were not satisfied with it, and so rebuilt the chopper and prepared to explode it again. Cheryl Jones, the FAA USMC liaison, explains how different it is to work with TV shows opposed to movies. Several rehearsals take place, and Kiefer Sutherland and Krishna Rao, camera operator, converse about when he should run towards the helicopter. The actual shooting takes place as planned, with an impressive explosion of the helicopter. Iacofano calls "cut" and expresses great happiness with the finished product.

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