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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Bradley was a psychiatrist from Division, sent to CTU Los Angeles during the events of Day 6. He and his assistant were assigned to examine Audrey Raines and extract any information from her.

Day 6[]

Dr. Bradley and his assistant arrived at CTU shortly after 1:15am and he went to CTU medical. Nadia Yassir, the Interim Director of CTU, informed Bradley that she would be with him shortly.

Dr. Bradley examined Audrey and discovered a number of scars and brushes on Audrey's body. He revealed to Nadia that Audrey was in a catatonic state and she could follow basic commands, as well as repeat specific phrases. He wouldn't be able to give her a treatment in the time frame CTU requested. The only way to extract any information from her in CTU's time frame, would be by a procedure that required a number of drugs to be injected into her body, which could cause death. Mike Doyle refused, and suggested that Jack should speak with Audrey, as he was tortured by the same people and knew Audrey well on a personal level. Dr. Bradley declined, as he previously read Jack's file and he felt that he would further upset Audrey's state. Nadia agreed with Dr. Bradley's assessment, and he decided to go forward with the drug procedure.

As Dr. Bradley began to prepare for his procedure, Jack entered medical and knocked out Bradley's assistant. Jack asked if the drugs were administrated into Audrey's body and Bradley revealed they weren't. Jack escorted Audrey out of the room and Bradley pulled an alarm, which initiated a lockdown. Nadia was able to pinpoint Jack's location when Morris O'Brian used surveillance video to track him. Nadia, Doyle, a security team, and Bradley arrived at Jack's location.

During the confrontation between Jack and the team, Audrey revealed a name, "Bloomfield", that served as a possible lead. Bradley felt that information wasn't important, but Nadia had Doyle investigate the name. She refused to allow Bradley to go forward with the procedure and she asked security to bring him to her office, and have him wait there until she returned.

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