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This article's subject relates to Season 6 of 24.

Brady Hauser was the autistic brother of Mark Hauser, who was tricked into getting information for Dmitri Gredenko during Day 6.

Day 6[]

Shortly after 8pm, Brady's brother Mark excused himself from the dinner table when he got a call. Mark received a call from Dmitri Gredenko, a Russian general who was involved in the bombing of Valencia earlier in the day. Gredenko needed blueprints for a building and the only one who could get them fast enough was Brady. After Brady told Mark about how he took care of him, Brady agreed to do his work.

While Brady was working on the computer, federal agents broke into the house and Mark was shot. Jack Bauer confronted Brady and he realized that he was autistic and didn't know what he was doing. Jack told Brady that he was a police officer and everything would be fine. Brady was devastated when he saw that Mark was injured and was being brought to the hospital. Jack promised that Brady would see his brother once he finished helping him.

Gredenko called Mark and they made arrangements for Gredenko to meet Brady across the street, in order for Gredenko to receive the blueprints. Jack told Brady that he would be part of a sting operation and the once it was over, Brady would be able to see his brother. Jack put Brady on com and he explained that he would be able to hear and talk to Brady throughout the operation. Brady understood and he went across the street, waiting for Gredenko to arrive.


Brady waits outside for Gredenko.

During the sting operation, Brady started to become nervous and Gredenko spoke Russian to one of his men. Jack, who speaks the language fluently, realized that Gredenko ordered for his men to kill Brady once they got what they needed. Jack told Brady to duck once he said so and when Jack told Brady to do it, he hesitated. Brady ducked just in time and Gredenko was taken out with a tranquilizer gun, while the hostiles were killed. A CTU agent took Brady to see his brother.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Brady Hauser: My brother told me not to talk to strangers.
  • Jack Bauer: I'm not a stranger, I'm a police officer. ("Day 6: 8:00pm-9:00pm")

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