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Brett Marks was the leader of the Greater Nation militia.

Before Veto Power[]

Marks was born on November 11, 1951. Among his educational history was the Wharton School of Business, from which he graduated in 1990. He was an Army Ranger with tours in such places as Iraq, Somalia, and Haiti.

Veto Power[]

Marks was captured by Jack Bauer near the beginning of Veto Power after the Greater Nation's base was raided by Jack and a CTU team. He was interrogated and gave several leads, leading to an immunity agreement. However, several hours later Jack realised that the leads were false, and had simply been made up by Marks to throw CTU off the real tracks: the detonation of an EMP device to take down the President in Air Force One. CTU discovered that the only place high enough to affect the airplane whilst it was in the air would be Century City Plaza, where an associate of Marks, Frank Newhouse, had an office suite rented under the name William Binns.

Jack went to the suite and waited for Marks to arrive to complete his plan. Jack killed him before he could use the device.

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