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Brian Gedge was a Secret Service agent during Day 7. He was charged with the protection of the First Gentleman Henry Taylor. He was also a member of the conspiracy within the Allison Taylor administration, acting as a mole and supporter for Jonas Hodges and Sangalan terrorist Iké Dubaku. Gedge's partner in his activities was fellow corrupt agent Edward Vossler.

Before Day 7[]

Between Redemption and Day 7, Agent Gedge, at the behest of Hodges, murdered Roger Taylor, son of President Allison Taylor, and assisted his co-conspirators in the creation of a cover story that Roger had committed suicide. Taylor had been investigating a lead connecting Starkwood (and a company run by one of its associates) to the Juma regime, picking up on a trail left by his missing friend, who had been killed by Edward Vossler's subordinates during Redemption.

Day 7[]

Agent Gedge served as the personal bodyguard to Henry Taylor, and informed him when the private investigator Chuck Toland called. When prompted for his opinion, Gedge expressed concern that Taylor was wasting his time investigating Roger Taylor's death, which was ruled as a suicide. Gedge took Taylor to Sloane Kitridge to see Samantha Roth, who had been Roger's girlfriend, but also called White House Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin to inform him of Taylor's actions.

Later, Gedge apologized to Taylor for calling Kanin, and reluctantly drove the first gentleman to meet with Samantha Roth a second time, who had called to say she was not truthful in their previous conversation. Gedge, through binoculars, watched Taylor and Roth talk. After reuniting with Henry, who was stunned about the news from Samantha, Brian advised Henry to bring the evidence which Samantha handed over to a private analyst whom he trusted (instead of the government) to initially verify it. Henry trusted Brian's discretion as he did not want to go to his wife, and went with him to a residential apartment. There, Henry shuddered and collapsed from a drug slipped into his drink. With Henry immobilized, Gedge then phoned Edward Vossler (another corrupt Secret Service agent) who was targeting Samantha Roth, and they reviewed their plan of murdering both people and framing it as a murder-suicide.

Henry strangles Gedge to death.

When Samantha Roth returned to her apartment, Gedge brutally stabbed her to death while her attention was on the immobilized Henry. Afterward, he planted Henry's fingerprints on the murder weapon and hauled him upstairs to set the stage for the suicide. But, unknown to him was the fact that Henry's paralysis was slowly beginning to wear off.

Henry attacked him as he wrapped a cord around his neck. Both men struggled over the railing and plunged through a table on the first floor. Gedge was bleeding from the mouth and unable to move himself. The infuriated Henry Taylor strangled him to death on the floor with his bare hands.

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