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Brice Holman was the Director of CTU New York during the events of Collateral Damage. During a rogue operation investigating the small town of Kurmastan, a mob attacked the bus he was on. He would later die from injuries sustained while leading the mob away from Dani Taylor.

Collateral Damage Edit

At the beginning of the day, Director Brice Holman was on a rogue operation with his Deputy Director and two FBI agents. He was investigating the small town of Kurmastan, against orders from his superiors. He discovered a terrorist bunker, and observed twelve explosive-packed trucks leave the plant.

During an attempt to get inside, the bus he was on was attacked by a suicidal mob. He and Dani Taylor were the only survivors. He then gave Dani his phone, which contained all the intel, and told her to only give it to the FBI, because CTU couldn't be trusted. He led the mob away from Dani long enough for her to be discovered by Jack Bauer.

Holman came back about an hour later, around 7:05, barely holding his guts together. He told Jack about the intel, gave him the password to his phone, and told Jack and that he was the only chance of stopping the terrorists now. A CTU Medical Team arrived and tried to save Holman, but he lost too much blood. Holman died from his injuries at about 7:15pm, as Dani Taylor sobbed at his side.

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