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Tony Almeida brings Lee Jin Yu to CTU.


Jack Bauer calls in to CTU and informs Michelle Dessler that he is at Thousand Oaks at a meat-processing plant, and it is the headquarters of the men responsible for the attempted assassination of the Vice President. Michelle says that she will send a team in, and Jack gives her the address.

Tony starts to drive Lee Jin Yu back to CTU when he realizes that he is being followed. a small white car and two vans try to run him off the road and destroy his car as he goes down the freeway and heads towards the financial district. Eventually he gets back to the safety of CTU with Lee.


At CTU, Tony instructs a member of the TAC team to take Lee to interrogation room 3. He heads over to see Michelle and asks if they got anything else from the PDA. She says no, and that whoever encrypted it were very skilled. The phone rings and Tony answers. An unknown voice says that there will be an attack on a Los Angeles Metro station by Eddie Cain. Tony asks who it is, but the caller hangs up. He tells Michelle, who seems skeptical, but Tony takes a SWAT team to the station along with CTU Agent Lee Bowen. Michelle tells Sean to dispatch bomb squads and HAZMAT teams to each location.

Mission targets[]

  • Driven Vehicle Damage: $2500
  • Pedestrians Panicked: 3

Background information and notes[]

  • Similar to the last driving mission, there are many things included along the route to CTU that helps create the look of the city.
  • This mission establishes that CTU is in the Financial District of Los Angeles.
  • Just before the cut-scene ends, Tony is seen driving Lee Jin Yu in an SUV, but immediately afterwards, he is driving the stolen car from To Lee Jin Yu's Apartment.