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Brown was a CTU field medic during Day 4 and Day 5.

Day 4[]

Brown was with the CTU field unit led by Lee Castle which entered the gun shop owned by civilians Safa and Naji. There, the agents rescued the two young owners, Jack Bauer, and Paul Raines from McLennen-Forster commandos. When Dave Conlon shot Paul, Brown was called over to help Raines. In the helicopter on the way to CTU, Brown called in for the doctors to prepare two liters of the proper blood type.

Day 5[]

Brown was with the CTU field unit which entered Jacob Rossler's apartment after Rossler was shot. Jack ordered Brown to get a medic to look over Inessa Kovalevsky and run a background check on her. He also told Brown not to give Rossler any pain medication, so Brown relayed this to the medic working on Rossler. Some minutes later, Brown was seen guarding Inessa as Jack and the rest prepared to move. Jack ordered him to fit Rossler with a wire, and Brown began explaining the procedure. However Rossler was shot and killed by Inessa before he was fitted. Brown drew his weapon but Jack ordered him not to shoot the girl.

Later on, when Jack rescued the unconscious Vladimir Bierko, Brown told Jack and Curtis that Bierko was going into severe shock and needed medical attention.

Background information and notes[]

  • Medic Brown featured heavily in one of the deleted scenes from Season 4. In it, he and Jack talked about treating the deleted character Alam, who was originally scripted as the father of Safa and Naji.
  • Despite Brown being right next to Rossler when he is shot, Curtis shouts to get a medic into the room. During this entire episode, Brown does not do any medical work, and other medics dress Rossler's wound and check over Inessa.

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