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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Bryce Wolffson was the pilot of the helicopter that was to take President Charles Logan to the sendoff in Los Angeles for the deceased David Palmer.

Day 5[]

Jack Bauer, with the help of Aaron Pierce, knocked out Wolffson's co-pilot John Carruth and posed as a replacement. Once in the air, Bauer threatened Wolffson with a pistol, and the pilot quickly gave into Bauer's demands. Bauer knocked out President Logan's Secret Service escorts with a taser, and upon the chopper's landing, did the same to Wolffson.

Background information and notes[]

Flight detail showing Wolffson's first name

  • Wolffson's first name, Bryce, is visible on the flight detail that was provided to Jack by Mike Novick.

Wolffson's file from deleted scene

  • In a deleted scene from Day 5, the character is called Allan Wolffson. A file is pulled which mentions several facts about him, among them: he was born in Louden, North Dakota on July 19, 1969 and graduated with a high school degree and Bachelor of Science. He spoke English, Spanish and Russian. He was assigned to Fort Gentile before being promoted to Secret Service detail.
  • In the script for the episode, his first name is also given as "Allan".

Live appearances[]