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You may be looking for CTU LA director Bill Buchanan.

Buchanan was a young guard working at the Downey Holding Facility during Day 3.

Day 3 Edit

During the riot incited by Jack Bauer to help Ramon Salazar escape, Buchanan was captured and held hostage with Jack and Ramon by a group of prisoners led by Peel. Peel forced Jack and Buchanan to play Russian roulette, and Buchanan shot himself in the head at around 5:24pm.

Background information and notes Edit

  • Buchanan was never referred to by name on screen.
  • In the audio commentary for Buchanan's appearance, Evan Katz claimed that his death was written as the first gunshot during Russian roulette to invert the common filmmaking practice of the first chamber always being empty. However, the bullet was in the second chamber, as Peel pulled the trigger before him. Buchanan's defiance to the game actually saved Jack's life; had he pulled the trigger first and not provoked Peel into doing so, then the second shot would've killed Jack.

Live appearancesEdit

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