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Bucho was a loyal employee of Hector and Ramon Salazar.


Bucho was sent with Julio, Enrique Hinojosa, and Jack Bauer to the Hotel Long Beach to retrieve a package. When Imran Geshayev made an announcement over the hotel P.A. system, Bucho drew his gun and was rebuked by Jack. Jack later saved his life by moving him out of the way when he tried to open the boobytrapped door to their hotel room.

Still, Bucho did not trust or get along with Jack, and encouraged Enrique not to trust him, either. When he caught Jack talking to CTU on a cell phone, Bucho tried to shoot him, but Enrique shot him in the back before he could fire.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Bucho: He's loyal, all right. So long as the "H" keeps coming, eh, Jack?

  • Bucho: I knew I smelled a rat!

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