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Burk was a worker in the communications office at President Charles Logan's retreat.

Day 5[]

Burk was using the restroom when Martha Logan burst in on him. Burk was startled, but Martha started asking him if all conversations in the retreat were recorded. She told him they were, and she asked him about the recordings. Burk then told her that Logan preferred written transcripts. Martha then asked him if he could show him the room, but Burk nervously refused arguing that the access was restricted. Martha told him she was the First Lady, but he still refused. She then opened her blouse and threatened to scream if he did not give her his key card. When she was about to rip her stockings, he quickly turned the card over.

Later, when Martha was caught in the archive room by Aaron Pierce, Burk was outside looking at her. Martha approached him and slipped the card back into his shirt pocket.

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