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CIA London station was a Central Intelligence Agency station based in London. Special Activities Division personnel also operated on the same site.

During Day 9, they captured a fugitive Jack Bauer and took him to the station. However, he deliberately let himself be captured in order to gain access to the facility, inside of which he escaped custody and rescued Chloe O'Brian, who was being interrogated by Special Activities. After causing a gas explosion in the facility, Jack escaped with Chloe.

Navarro and the other agents then attempted to track down Jack. However, while Jack was arrested at the US Embassy, Agent Kate Morgan collaborated with him and Chloe to prove a coming terrorist attack. After the threat was realized, President James Heller reinstated Jack to stop it and the station was forced to work with him against Margot Al-Harazi. Kate worked directly with Jack in the field while the station occasionally provided backup and technical support. After Al-Harazi was killed and the defense override module recovered, it was taken to the station which was also investigating the murder of analyst Jordan Reed. Jack managed to tie Jordan's murder to Station Chief Navarro who'd had Jordan killed to cover up his own acts of treason. After Navarro fled with the device and was captured with it, the station worked with Jack in his efforts to track down terrorist Cheng Zhi and stop a war between the United States and China while simultaneously acting as President Heller's command center in the escalating situation. Jack was eventually able to transmit proof of Cheng's survival to the station and the war was averted. The next morning, the station was looking for Jack and Chloe, but more out of curiosity than anything else as Chloe was no threat with Open Cell destroyed and Jack had been pardoned by President Heller for his help. As a result of Audrey Boudreau's death despite her efforts to save her, Kate Morgan resigned and left the station shortly before 11:00am the day after the terrorist attacks and with the arrest of Steve Navarro, Erik Ritter became acting Station Chief.

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Day Mission
Day 9
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Find and capture Jack Bauer
Day 9
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Prevent Margot Al-Harazi's drone attacks
Day 9
Find and recover stolen Defense override module


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