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The CTU Chief of Staff was the second-in-command of a CTU Domestic Unit. Often called Deputy Director, or simply "Number Two". If the Director of a domestic unit was not available or unfit for command, the Chief of Staff assumed their responsibilities.

CTU Los Angeles[]

The following is a list of Chiefs of Staff at CTU Los Angeles.

Picture Name Served during Status
Nina Myers Season 1.jpg Nina Myers Day 1 Deceased
As Jack's closest ally, Nina Myers served as Chief of Staff at CTU Los Angeles during Day 1. When she was exposed as a mole, Nina was fired and charged with treason and the murder of Teri Bauer.
Tony Day 2.jpg Tony Almeida Day 2 Alive
After Nina Myers was removed, Tony Almeida assumed the position, serving under George Mason. When Mason stepped down due to radiation exposure, Tony was promoted to CTU Director.
Michelle day 2.jpg Michelle Dessler Day 2 and Day 3 Deceased
When Tony Almeida was promoted to Director during Day 2, Michelle got promoted to Chief of Staff. She held the position through most of Day 3. However, when Tony was shot in the neck, Michelle became acting Director. After the events of Day 3, Michelle left CTU Los Angeles for CTU Seattle and eventually received a position at Division.
Curtis Manning S5.jpg Curtis Manning Day 4 Deceased
Curtis Manning served as Chief of Staff during Day 4, working under Erin Driscoll. Curtis retained the position throughout the day and eventually became Director of Field Operations as well in Day 5 and 6.
250px-Natalie Season 6.jpg Nadia Yassir Day 6 Alive
Nadia Yassir became the Chief of Staff after the events of Day 5. Serving under Bill Buchanan, Nadia lost most of her access at CTU when she was flagged by the Department of Homeland Security. When Buchanan was forced down, he named Nadia acting Director of CTU in the interim.

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