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This article is about the director of CTU Domestic Units, for the National Director of CTU see CTU National Director.

The CTU Director (also called Special Agent in Charge) was the agent in command of a CTU Domestic Unit.

At CTU, the Directors were the highest-ranking agent in a particular domestic unit. They answered to superiors from Division, District, and also the White House. They ordered and oversaw the missions of field agents, and coordinated the responsibilities and activities of the data analysts. The Director had their own office.

Directors of CTU Los Angeles Edit

Below is a list of Directors of CTU Los Angeles.

Picture Name Served during Status
Kelly Sharpton Veto Power Deceased
Succeeded Jack Bauer during the events of Veto Power. He took over the role when Jack was thought to be unfit for the job. Jack was then demoted to Director of Field Operations. Later, Jack was promoted again to Director.
ChristoherHenderson1 Christopher Henderson Trinity
Cat's Claw
Vanishing Point
Christopher Henderson served as the Special Agent In Charge in Cat's Claw. In Vanishing Point, Henderson was head of CTU and was in charge of Jack Bauer's and Tony Almeida's undercover operation in Las Vegas. He was overruled at times by Division officers such as Ryan Chappelle and Alberta Green.
Jack Bauer season one Jack Bauer Operation Hell Gate
Trojan Horse
Day 1
Day 3
After the death of his wife, Bauer resigned from his CTU Position. He later returned as Director of Field Operations after Day 2. Jack also took over CTU during Day 3 when Tony Almeida stepped down.
Alberta Alberta Green Day 1
When Jack Bauer was relieved from his command at CTU Los Angeles, Alberta Green was stationed as the Interim Director. At the request of Senator David Palmer, Bauer was reinstated and Green was transferred to District to be replaced by George Mason.
GeorgeMason George Mason Day 2 Deceased
Given the role by President David Palmer, Mason was exposed to radioactive material during Day 2 and sacrificed himself to save Los Angeles from the nuclear weapon deployed by Second Wave.
Tony Day 2 Tony Almeida Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
After taking over from George Mason, Almeida was arrested for treason during Day 3. He again took over the role for an hour during Day 4.
Erindriscoll2 Erin Driscoll Day 4 Alive
Firing Jack Bauer being one of her first actions during her time as Director, Driscoll was a more by-the-book chief. She left after the death of her daughter during Day 4.
MichelleDesslers4 Michelle Dessler Day 3
Day 4
She filled in during Day 3 after Tony was shot in the neck while attempting to bring Kyle Singer in. Tony took control again a few hours later. She was also brought in to take command after Erin Driscoll left; Dessler helped stop a nuclear missile heading towards Los Angeles. She left with her ex-husband, Tony Almeida at the end of Day 4.
Bill Day 6 Bill Buchanan Day 5
Day 6
First seen at CTU during Day 4 in a supervisor's position, Bill Buchanan handled the start of Day 5 (although Lynn McGill was Acting Director for a period) until CTU LA was taken over by the Department of Homeland Security. He was later reinstated, and had his position again by the beginning of Day 6. Later that day, he was fired by Karen Hayes and Nadia Yassir took over as Acting Director. So far, Bill is the only one to hold the position through a whole day, in Day 5.
250px-Natalie Season 6 Nadia Yassir Day 6 Alive
After Bill Buchanan was fired by Karen Hayes, he named Yassir Acting Director at CTU until Division could send over a new replacement.

Directors of CTU New York Edit

Picture Name Served during Status
Brice Holman Collateral Damage Deceased
Brice Holman was the Director of CTU New York during the events of Collateral Damage. During a rogue operation investigating the small town of Kurmastan, a mob attacked the bus he was on. He would later die from injuries sustained while leading the mob away from Dani Taylor.
Brian Hastings S8 Brian Hastings Day 8 Alive
Brian Hastings was the Director of CTU New York during Day 8. Tim Woods relieved him of his command following several events that suggested to him that CTU would not be capable of handling security following the death of President Omar Hassan.
Chloe O'Brian S8 Chloe O'Brian Day 8 Alive
Chloe O'Brian was appointed as Director of CTU New York on an interim basis by Tim Woods.

Background information and notes Edit

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