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CTU Los Angeles (CTU LA) was a Domestic Unit of the Counter Terrorist Unit which operated out of Los Angeles, California before the nationwide disbandment of CTU.

CTU Los Angeles building[]

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The original building was located in West Los Angeles. It was based around a main floor, and was made up of two levels containing many desks on the lower level and a walkway on the higher level. The lower level was also home to the Situation Room and linked to the Holding rooms.

Some time in between Day 3 and Day 4, a new and improved CTU building was constructed. The new site lost the metallic look of its predecessor in favor of stone and other organic features. Additionally, the building's walls and steps consist of bare concrete, and the windows are partially frosted to create a "barcode" look. Furthermore, many of the desks and fixtures in the new main floor are red and feature curvy, asymmetric edges for a more earthy and artistic visual appearance. The designers of the new set claim that the new CTU provides superior camera angles and enhanced visual appeal.

Merge with Homeland Security[]

After the attack on CTU Los Angeles during Day 5, President Logan ordered Karen Hayes from the Department of Homeland Security to evaluate and take over the organization.

As soon as the building was de-contaminated, Hayes and her people came and started evaluating the facility but did not let on about their intention to take it over. Later in the hour, Bill Buchanan confronted Hayes and she told him the truth.

It is unknown whether CTU Los Angeles was kept under Homeland Security, however, at the end of the day, Hayes said that she would try and get Buchanan his job back after he revealed that he was skeptical Hal Gardner would let him remain as the head of CTU.


A trial was launched into the past activities of CTU in tracking down and torturing suspects, preventing attacks, and in their methods of practice and activity. CTU was disbanded and all its personnel had their government status revoked. Some were offered jobs at other agencies but most left without work.

Former CTU Los Angeles agent Jack Bauer was singled out by Senator Blaine Mayer, who was on a personal crusade against CTU and Bauer in particular, for a trial in front of a Senate Subcommittee. Jack was pulled out of the trial on Day 7 by the FBI, but was told to return the following day at 8:00am. However, before that time Senator Mayer was killed. It is unknown what the consequences of this is for the trial and for Bauer.

When the CTU servers were recommissioned by the FBI to help with a lead, former agent Chloe O'Brian was brought in to assist working on the systems.


Day Mission
One Shot Protecting Moira O'Neal
CTU Los Angeles was charged with transferring recently defected IRA member Moira O'Neal to a safe house in the Arizona desert until she could be picked up and debriefed by the CIA. Former associates of hers were able to learn her location and attempted to kill her a short time after she arrived at the house. Special Agent Jack Bauer managed to flee with O'Neal and eventually kill her pursuers.
Operation Hell Gate Operation Hell Gate
Following an anonymous tip to CTU LA, Special Agent Jack Bauer was dispatched to LAX to prevent an attack on an incoming cargo plane. Bauer was successful, though at the cost of one of his agents. They took one prisoner, Dante Arrete. FBI Agent Frank Hensley arrived at CTU, and demanded to take Arrete into his custody. Bauer agreed, and traveled with Hensley and Arrete to New York. Hensley turned on Bauer, and killed two Federal agents. Eventually, Jack, with help from CTU LA, managed to bring down Hensley and prevent a coordinated strike on aeroplanes all over the country.
Veto Power Stopping Greater Nation
48 hours after Jack Bauer prevented the theft of sodium cyanide from a chemical company by a domestic terror organization known as Greater Nation, Jack lead an attack on Greater Nation's compound. Jack and Kelly Sharpton, Special Agent in Charge of CTU LA, followed the trail to a terror suspect, whom CTU had believed to be dead for six months. Eventually, Jack managed to prevent an attack on Air Force One, saving President Harry Barnes.
Vanishing Point Classified Technology
CTU was charged with flushing out a secret-technology-selling mole in Air Force's Area 51 (where Tony went undercover) and at catching the buyers of this technology in Las Vegas (where Jack was undercover). Tony played a great part in discovering and taking out the terrorists.
Day 1 Protecting David Palmer
CTU LA was involved in preventing the assassination of Senator David Palmer. During the day, several moles were found to be working against the organization to stop them from achieving their goal. Also, the Director Jack Bauer retired from CTU LA when Nina Myers killed his wife Teri.
Day 2 Preventing a nuclear attack and possible World War
CTU LA had to prevent a nuclear weapon detonation in the city. During the day, Jack Bauer was reinstated in CTU LA as Director of Field Operations. Also, the Director George Mason was killed. Tony Almeida succeeded him as the new Director of CTU LA.
The Game Protecting the Vice-President
Six months after Day 2, CTU Los Angeles had to prevent an assassination attempt on the Vice-President as well as stop a disaster which could destroy LA. Also, Kim Bauer, daughter of Jack Bauer, was recruited as Analyst in Intelligence and Chase Edmunds as Field Agent.
Day 3 Preventing a viral attack
The mission of CTU Los Angeles on Day 3 was to prevent the release of the deadly Cordilla virus. CTU LA Agents Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds managed to stop former MI6 agent Stephen Saunders from activating the virus. During the day, the Regional Division Director Ryan Chappelle was killed. Also, the CTU Director Tony Almeida was arrested for treason.
Day 4 Stopping Habib Marwan's attacks
At the beginning of the day, CTU Los Angeles was instructed to rescue the Secretary of Defense James Heller and his daughter Audrey Raines from a terrorist group. Also, the terrorists captured a nuclear warhead and constructed a missile to be detonated over LA. Because of CTU LA's work, the missile was intercepted and destroyed by the Air Force. Erin Driscoll was succeeded by Michelle Dessler as Director of CTU LA. She was succeeded by Bill Buchanan.
Day 5 Recovering Sentox Nerve Gas
On Day 5, CTU LA had to stop a Russian terrorist group who possessed a nerve gas. Former CTU Agent Michelle Dessler was killed,her husband Tony Almeida was apparently killed and former President David Palmer was assassinated. Jack Bauer came out of self-imposed exile and was reinstated to help stop the terrorists. CTU LA managed to destroy the nerve gas canisters, stop the terrorists, and capture their leader, Vladimir Bierko. But it was revealed that one of the conspirators behind the nerve gas plot was Charles Logan, President of the United States. Homeland Security takes over CTU LA. Jack Bauer went rogue, along with Wayne Palmer, brother of David Palmer, to stop Logan once and for all.
Day 6 Recovering Suitcase Nukes, Retrieving Subprocessor Component
On Day 6, The US and CTU handed over Jack Bauer to Abu Fayed in order to stop a man named Assad, who was thought to be behind several bombings killing thousands of Americans for the past 11 weeks. Fayed revealed to Jack that he was the one responsible for the attacks, and Assad had arrived in the U.S. to stop him. Jack escaped from Fayed, and rescued Assad from a tactical operation. Assad worked alongside Jack to stop the next attack, but their efforts failed when 1 of 5 nuclear suitcases in Fayed's possession detonated outside of LA, killing 12,000 people. CTU was to recover the remaining nukes, eliminate Fayed, and bring those connected to him to justice. This objective was achieved by 11pm, but Bauer had gone rogue in order to exchange a subprocessor containing secret Russian information for Audrey Raines. CTU's objective then became to retrieve the processor to prevent a possible War between the United States and Russia. To stop CTU, Chinese mercenaries under the orders of Cheng Zhi and Phillip Bauer took control of the CTU Los Angeles building.

Attacks on CTU Los Angeles[]

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Field Agents included Jack Bauer and Chase Edmunds

CTU Director[]

Like all other Domestic Units, CTU LA was headed by a CTU Director.

Chiefs of Staff[]


Director of Field Operations[]

Analysts and Internet Protocol Managers[]

Intelligence agents[]

Field agents[]

The field agents of CTU Los Angeles are typically divided into plainclothes agents (such as Chase Edmunds) that are utilized for typically low-level operations, and TAC Teams: military-like heavily-armored assault units.


Medical personnel[]

Security personnel[]

DOD liaison[]