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CTU Domestic Units

CTU Phoenix is a Domestic Unit of the Counter Terrorist Unit operating out of Phoenix, Arizona.

Midnight Sun Edit

In the graphic novel Midnight Sun, CTU Phoenix helped CTU Fairbanks agent Carey Devlin find information on Theo Oswald.

One Shot Edit

In the graphic novel One Shot, Jack Bauer and recently-defected IRA member Moira O'Neal fled the burning wreckage of her safe house into the desert. CTU Los Angeles had CTU Phoenix dispatch a helicopter to offer back-up. The chopper pursued Bauer and O'Neal and eventually spotted them being followed by a cargo van. Megan destroyed the helicopter with a rocket launcher.

Before Day 1 Edit

George Mason worked at this location after having worked at the CTU in Miami. ( profiles)

Day 3 Edit

During Day 3, CTU Phoenix secured a vial of the Cordilla virus, which was to be released by one of Stephen Saunders' men.

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