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CTU Domestic Units
For the National Headquarters of CTU which is also based in Washington, see CTU National Headquarters.

CTU Washington D.C. (or commonly known as D.C. CTU) was a Domestic Unit of the Counter Terrorist Unit based in Washington DC. Also in Washington DC was the Main Operational Center of the CTU, where Alberta Green transferred after Day 1. (Findings at CTU)

Before Day 1 Edit

George Mason worked here at the Washington CTU after having worked at the Miami and Phoenix locations. ( profiles)

The Game Edit

During the events of 24: The Game, it is revealed that both Chase Edmunds and Chloe O'Brian previously worked at D.C. C.T.U. before the start of Day 3. Their superior was Sonya.

Day 3 Edit

During Day 3, D.C. CTU secured two vials of the Cordilla Virus. ("11:00am-12:00pm")

Conspiracy Edit


Martin Kail at CTU Washington

The plot of Conspiracy takes place at D.C. CTU. It follows the field agents Susan Walker and Martin Kail, as well as the analyst Kelly and the director James Sutton.

Appearances Edit

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