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The CTU main floor, also called the Bullpen or known simply as The Floor, was a large room situated in the center of a CTU office. In the case of the CTU Los Angeles building, it housed the conference area and the work stations of the intelligence agents, where they discovered and filtered data and followed up threats; it was overlooked by the Director's office and the Field ops office; and was next to the Situation Room and Holding Rooms.

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8x01 CTU NY Bullpen

On the main floor at CTU New York, Brian Hastings announced that he was no longer Director, and that he had been replaced by Chloe O'Brian.

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  • In the dialogue of the TV series, this room is always called the "main floor" or simply "the floor". However, in 3 of the expanded universe novels, 24: The Game, 24: The Ultimate Guide, 24 Clue and several behind the scenes special features, it is referred to as "the bullpen".
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