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Cadden was a United States Marine Corps sergeant working at the White House during Day 7.

Before Day 7 Edit

Cadden served two tours in Pakistan with the 27th Marine Regiment during Operation Hellfire. During his tours there, he worked together with several Starkwood units.

Day 7 Edit

During Day 7, Cadden was assigned at the White House. He was in charge of escorting Jonas Hodges to the FBI Headquarters for further questioning together with another soldier. While boarding Hodges into the van, Hodges noticed the "Hellfire" tattoo on his forearm and asked if he had fought with Starkwood units. When he assented, Hodges asked him about their professionalism and Cadden described them as "good men, well trained".

While driving to the FBI, they didn't notice Hodges taking the pill that Cara Bowden had given him, and he entered into cardiac arrest. After stopping the van, Cadden tried to give him first aid and notified authorities he was rerouting him to West Arlington Hospital. Instead, Hodges was re-routed to the medical area at the FBI Washington Field Office. There, Hodges begged Cadden for his sidearm, so that he could use it on himself to protect the lives of his family. Cadden was excused by Jack Bauer a moment later.

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