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This article's subject relates to the 24 expanded universe.

Caitlin O'Connor was a civilian in who become embroiled in the events of Operation Hell Gate. She lived with her younger brother Liam O'Connor above the pub known as The Last Celt.

Operation Hell Gate[edit | edit source]

Early in the day, Caitlin was working at the bar. Liam was asked by Shamus Lynch to deliver a computer component overnight. Shamus was involved with terrorist activity, and he was tracked there by Jack Bauer. Jack stormed the bar and tied Shamus up. Jack and Caitlin left to where Liam was supposed to go. Jack got there first and Caitlin departed. As she came back later, as per Jack's instructions, there was an FBI SWAT team raiding the grocery store. She tried to get in a car, but she couldn't. She walked around and found Jack a few hours later. Jack and Caitlin went to a building that was storing the Long Tooth Missile Launchers. Caitlin led a diversion by starting a fire to give Jack a chance to stop the delivery, but Jack was unsuccessful. Jack took Caitlin to a train station for her to be dropped off to another agent, Agent Carlos Ferrer. However, she was captured and taken to Hell Gate Bridge. At the bridge, she was almost killed, but saved by Jack at the last moment as the missiles exploded inside the tube, eliminating the threat.

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