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This article's subject relates to Season 5 of 24.

Cal is shot dead by Erwich.

Cal was the owner of Cal's Bikes, a mechanic shop in Los Angeles. He was forced by Ivan Erwich and his separatists to open up the Sentox nerve gas canisters for the purpose of weaponizing them on Day 5.

Day 5[]

Ivan Erwich showed up at the Cal's Bikes while all of Cal's co-workers were at lunch. After asking him if he had the right machinery to cut into metal, Erwich pulled a gun on Cal. Threatening him, Erwich had Cal cut the Sentox canisters very precisely, to reveal the identification keys they needed to reprogram the trigger mechanism.

As Cal was working on the canisters, he started asking questions. Erwich asked if he had a family, and Cal said that he was married. Erwich then told him how his own wife was in jail for supporting his cause, and that his son lived in a state-run facility and didn't know him. Erwich then assured Cal that what he was doing, he was doing it for justice, and promised to spare Cal's life once his task was complete.

When Cal finished opening the last canister, Erwich patted him in the back and told him, "Good job," but once Cal turned to him, Erwich broke his promise and shot Cal in the stomach, killing him. He then asked his men to get rid of the body.

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