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This article's subject relates to Season 3 of 24.

Cale was the accomplice and primary bodyguard of Nina Myers during Day 3.

Day 3[]

Cale arrived with Nina and three other bodyguards near Las Nieves, Mexico. The five represented an unknown client who was bidding with Nina as proxy on the Cordilla virus at an auction staged by Michael Amador. When she saw Jack Bauer, she wanted him dead, so Cale and the others drew their weapons. Amador talked the men down, so Nina went to leave, but Amador reminded her of what her client might do if she did not bid. Cale agreed, saying to Nina that they had to close the deal. Cale was present in the tent when Nina bid on, and won, the virus.

Later, when Nina and her crew met with Amador at an old church, Cale spotted Jack in the shadows. When he turned and called for help, Jack struck him several times and used him as a human shield. Cale was accidentally shot by one of the two bodyguards who showed up; Jack then quickly used Cale's weapon to kill them both. Jack forced Nina into the church after shooting the fourth guard.

Unknown to Jack, the accidental gunshot wound inflicted on Cale was not fatal. He came to Nina's aid, distracting Jack, allowing her to knock Jack out with her briefcase. When Jack came to and tried to convince Nina that the Salazars would pay her much more than her current client, Cale interrupted them. Nina shut him up. Just as Nina seemed persuaded by Jack, Cale rose off the ground and threatened to call their client, so Nina aimed for Jack but suddenly turned and took out Cale.

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