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Cam Strocker was a Cal Communications employee during Day 2.

Day 2 Edit

Cam and his partner Danny reported to CTU Los Angeles to investigate static on the phone lines there. The static was caused by Eddie Grant and two henchmen, Chris Jones and Scott Owen.

Upon their arrival, Grant shot Danny. As Chris and Scott hid Danny's body in a ditch, Grant told Strocker that he would live if he did what he was told. Strocker helped deceive a security guard and drove the four men into CTU Los Angeles so that they would be able to plant three bombs in order to blow up the building. The three terrorists left Bauer in the car with Strocker, which allowed Bauer to come up with a plan. Strocker hid under a nearby car and Bauer cut himself in the head to appear as though he had lost a fight.

As soon as the van with Bauer and the terrorists left, Strocker went in to tell Tony Almeida of the impending bomb attack. At the same time Michelle Dessler received a call from Lynne Kresge telling Dessler of the attacks. CTU was partially evacuated, but the bombs went off before the entire building could be emptied.

Background information and notes Edit

  • It was not shown if Cam survived unharmed, was injured, or was killed in the explosion. In the behind the scenes continuity book for Season 2 entitled "The Dead", Cam was among the list of dead characters.

Live appearancesEdit

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