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Carl Gadsen was the port authority supervisor of the Port of Alexandria on duty during Day 7. He was married to Linda Gadsen.

Before Day 7 Edit

For three years, Carl and his wife had been trying to have kids. They used up most of their financial resources for fertility treatments which could not be covered by their insurance, and Linda became pregnant with twins. In order for Carl to regain money, he made a deal to open the gate for people who claimed to be smuggling electronics from South Korea, unaware that they were employees of Starkwood smuggling a biological weapon. Carl, as supervisor, changed the schedules to ensure he would be the only one on duty that night.

Day 7 Edit

At 10:11pm, Carl spoke to his wife over the phone while on duty, but hung up when he heard a sound and saw a container truck open. He was confronted by Jack Bauer and Tony Almeida who asked to see the port manifest. He took them to the office and was held hostage until his captors explained that a weapon was being smuggled into the country from Sangala. He then came clean about his unwitting participation in the plot, and assisted Jack and Tony in luring the smugglers in.

The leader of the group, Stokes, ordered one of his men, Cooper, to pay Carl his money. Cooper took Carl away to one of the aisles between the cargo trucks and Carl realized he would be executed. When Cooper told him to turn around, Carl refused and told him he'd have to look him in the eyes. Just when Cooper was about to shoot, Jack Bauer shot him and Carl escaped with his life, but quietly thanked Jack and Tony first.

Carl later gave a statement to the FBI in which he acknowledged that Jack risked his operation to save him. It was read by Renee Walker.

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