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Carl Mossman was the night shift manager at the City Trust and Savings bank in Los Angeles at which Evelyn Martin, the aide of First Lady Martha Logan, had secured a recorded conversation between former CTU agent Christopher Henderson and President Charles Logan. This conversation, stored in a safety deposit box, proved Logan's involvement in the VX nerve gas attack and assassination of President David Palmer during Day 5. Carl's wife was Rose.

Day 5[]

Jack Bauer and David Palmer's brother, Wayne, broke into Carl's house, and forced Carl by gunpoint to take them to the bank he managed. Jack prevented Carl's wife Rose from calling the police, and Wayne tied her to a chair with neckties. Under the pretense of a robbery, Jack ordered Carl to let them into the bank and into the vault.

Carl recognized Wayne Palmer, and Wayne soon revealed that he and Jack needed a audio recording in one of the bank's safety deposit boxes because it provided evidence related to David Palmer's death. While Jack was retrieving the audio file and planning their exit, Mossman expressed sincere admiration for President Palmer.

Jack retrieved the audio recording, but mercenaries controlled by Henderson blocked the trio's escape out the front door. Jack then asked Carl to trip the silent alarm, which called the LAPD to the bank.

Henderson's men and the police engaged in a firefight, which soon involved the Army on patrol around the city of Los Angeles (the result of martial law being in effect due to the Sentox nerve gas attack earlier that day at the mall). During the firefight, Jack, Wayne, and Carl escaped the bank in a police cruiser. Unfortunately, Carl was shot in the abdomen during the escape and died in the car from his wounds.

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