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Carla Matheson (née Adair) was the wife of Gary Matheson and the mother of Megan Matheson. She had a sister named Emily.

Trojan Horse[]

2x22 photoshoppped family portraits for Matheson family

Carla was 8 months pregnant with a baby during the events of Trojan Horse, engaged to her boyfriend Gary Matheson. While attending the Silver Screen Awards show in Downtown Los Angeles with some of her colleagues, including Teri Bauer, terrorists took over the ceremony. The stress of the situation induced Carla's labor prematurely. The resulting pain led to her screaming uncontrollably, to the frustration of their terrorist captors. When the terrorists threatened to silence her, Teri Bauer stood up to them, seconds before CTU and LAPD saved the hostages and ended the crisis. Carla was then wheeled away in a stretcher.

Day 2[]

At 8:14am, Carla cooked breakfast for her family and Megan's nanny, Kim Bauer. She embraced Gary when he came into the kitchen and made plans to go shopping. Later that hour, Carla returned home to wrap a present for Gary's assistant that she had forgotten about, and worriedly asked Kim to take Megan upstairs to her room. When Gary returned, he savagely beat Carla in a fit of rage. Gary tried to pass it off as a small accident ("8:00am-9:00am"). In actuality, he had given her a black eye. She gave Kim her car keys and told her to take Megan away from the house ("9:00am-10:00am").

Shortly after 11:00am, Megan was rushed from CTU to St. Virgil's Hospital to be treated for a concussion Gary had given her. Kim called Carla and asked her to come to the hospital to back up her claim that Gary was the one who had abused Megan. Carla agreed, but Gary stopped her as she tried to leave. He beat her to death at around 11:36am, and stowed her body in the trunk of his car ("11:00am-12:00pm").

Her body lay undiscovered in the trunk until CHP Officer Brown pulled Kim and her boyfriend Miguel over while they were trying to leave Los Angeles ("2:00pm-3:00pm").

Later, a witness to Carla's murder came forward and implicated Gary in the crime. ("1:00am-2:00am")

Live appearances[]

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