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"Sad sad eve. Morris!!. Finding out on twitter? That stings. Been far too busy to watch what with cataloging bottle cap collection... A warm and hearty thanks to all those who tweeted a metaphorical or real tear for Morris! I was proud [of] him and enjoyed playing him."
Carlo Rota remarking on the news of his character's current status on Twitter on May of 2014

Carlo D. Rota (born April 17, 1961; age 58) played Morris O'Brian during Season 5, Season 6, and Season 7 of 24. His stunt double for the part was Jon Braver.

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Carlo Rota was born and raised in London, England with a brother and two sisters. Both of his parents were Italian and he grew up speaking both English and Italian. His father worked as a chef and his mother as a seamstress. Carlo has 9 nieces and nephews. He worked as a chef at Allen's in New York and when his parents moved to Toronto went there to work in the restaurant his parents had opened. While working there he acted and has been an actor ever since.

He is perhaps best known for his role as Mafia Don "Pappa Joe" Yakavetta in The Boondock Saints, in which he acted with Michael Yavnieli, and as host of The Great Canadian Food Show. He was noticed by creators Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran when he guest-starred two different times as their show La Femme Nikita and has since had recurring roles on the Canadian sitcom Queer as Folk, At the Hotel, Sanctuary, and Little Mosque on the Prairie.

In 2008, Rota appeared on Saw V (with Tobin Bell, Mark Rolston, and Al Sapienza). His other movie supporting roles and TV guest star credits include White Collar, Human Target, Bones, Stargate: Universe, Nikita (with Xander Berkeley), Breaking Bad, The Good Guys, Castle, CSI: New York and NCIS: Los Angeles. He has also appeared in The Mentalist (which starred Gregory Itzin and Leslie Hope in recurring roles).

He is married to Nazneen Contractor, who played Kayla Hassan in Season 8 of 24. Rota recently starred with his spouse and Sebastian Roché in the telefilm Pegasus Vs. Chimera.

He provided the voice and motion-capture performance for Majid Sadiq, leader of The Engineers, in Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which featured Dennis Haysbert in the second game of the series.

He has also appeared in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series.

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