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Carrie Turner was an employee at District who was called in to assist CTU Los Angeles during Day 2.

Before Day 2 Edit

Carrie worked at Division and was Michelle Dessler's friend and boss. Michelle introduced Carrie to her brother, Danny Dessler, and the two began a relationship. Eventually, Danny left his wife and kids to be with Carrie, but shortly thereafter, Carrie broke up with him. Danny was so distraught about losing his family, his relationship with Carrie and his job, that he attempted suicide.

Day 2 Edit

Carrie was called in to replace Paula Schaeffer as a computer programmer at CTU Los Angeles. The previous strain on Carrie and Michelle's relationship was magnified by the fact that Carrie was forced to answer to Michelle. Carrie monitored Michelle's email and phone communication at the request of Tony Almeida after he suspected Michelle of working off-the-books with Jack Bauer. When Tony changed his mind and decided to start helping Michelle and Jack, Carrie tried to get all of them in trouble by telling Ryan Chappelle. Carrie was strangled by Danny Dessler, but Tony was able to pry him off. She was fine and decided not to press any charges. She interrupted Tony and Michelle kissing in a hallway of CTU. Carrie was smug after Michelle and Tony were taken into custody for knocking Chappelle unconscious, and was shocked when Tony and Michelle were later released after helping Jack secure proof that the Cyprus recording was indeed fake.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Carrie Turner: Michelle and Jack were talking before he took Kate Warner. They weren't trading recipes. It was conspiratorial. ("Day 2: 12:00am-1:00am")

Background information and notes Edit

  • It was originally intended that Carrie would be a lesbian who had sexually harassed Michelle at work and offered a promotion to Michelle if she slept with her, but Michelle refused. The writers kept the storyline for a while but then decided to change it.

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