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The Cayman Islands were an archipelago and country near North America, known, like Switzerland, as a center of confidential international banking. Unlike the Swiss, the Cayman Islanders were not as astute at maintaining that confidentiality under government pressure. (Cat's Claw)

Griffin and Shamus Lynch planned to flee to the Caymans after their attack on Hell Gate Bridge. (Operation Hell Gate)

Nurmamet Tuman made a deposit of two million dollars to the Eastern Turkistan Independence Movement via an account in the Caymans. (Cat's Claw)

The Serb International Coalition for Justice was based in the Caymans.

The Committee to Elect Mike Hodges had a holding account with the Sunshine Bank of the Cayman Islands.

Ira Gaines' payment for the asssassination of Senator David Palmer was conducted via bank accounts in the Cayman Islands through Andre Drazen's intermediary, Ted Cofell. (Findings at CTU)

Ryan Burnett arranged for Colonel Ike Dubaku to leave the United States by routing him through the Cayman Islands to Belize. ("Day 7: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

One of Golding Glenn & Schechter's international branches was based in the Cayman Islands. ("Day 9: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

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