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This is a description of Charles Logan's actions on Day 5.

Day 5

During the events of Day 5, President Logan prepared to sign an Anti-terrorism treaty with Russian President Yuri Suvarov. Mike Novick, an advisor to Logan, took a call and brought sad news to Logan. President David Palmer was assassinated in Los Angeles, 15 miles from the presidential retreat they were staying at in Hidden Valley. Novick informed Logan and Chief of Staff Walt Cummings that Bill Buchanan from CTU Los Angeles was ready to brief them.


Logan is shocked to hear from Mike Novick that President Palmer was assassinated.

Logan talked with Buchanan, who reported that they didn't have any substantial leads. Buchanan suggested for Logan to postpone the treaty signing, but Logan refused. He believed the Russians wouldn't come back to the table if he postponed it now. While Logan addressed the nation on Palmer's death, First Lady Martha Logan learned about Palmer's death. She was convinced Palmer died because he was about to reveal something about National Security to her. Martha nearly interrupted Logan's press conference, but Mike and Walt were able to stop her.

Logan spoke to his wife and he told her he would look into her conversation with David that occurred the night before. The president was then informed that CTU's primary suspect was Jack Bauer. Logan learned from Buchanan that Palmer must have conspired with Bauer's close friends to fake his death, as Michelle Dessler and Tony Almeida were targeted, and Chloe O'Brian was missing. When Buchanan got Intel that there might be an attack on President Suvarov's helicopter, Logan refused to have the plane land somewhere else and have him brought to the retreat by limousine. He felt it would help destroy the impact of the treaty signing.


President Logan greets the press with Russian President Suvarov.

Logan has the Summit go forward as planned and the Suvarovs arrive, with no attacks on the helicopter. President Logan greets Suvarov and his wife Anya, but is forced to step away for a moment. Walt brings an audio recording to Logan and it proves David didn't call for something involving National Security. Martha insisted that the recording was doctored, but Logan assured her she was delusional and should get back on her medication.

Logan was forced to leave from the summit when he learned that terrorists have seized the Ontario Airport and having taken hostages. The terrorists threatened to kill a hostage every 15 minutes if Logan didn't make an announcement canceling the treaty signing. Logan refused to call of the Summit and he watched in horror as the terrorists began to kill innocent people. The president was then informed that CTU was engaging in a rescue operation and they had a man inside. That man happened to be Jack Bauer, who was sharing Intel with Curtis Manning. Buchanan didn't inform the president that the charges against Bauer have been dropped.

Logan finally gave in and decided to call of the signing, but Walt assured Logan that they needed to keep on task. President Suvarov also agreed that Logan shouldn't give in to the terrorists demands. Logan went forward with the Summit and he signed the treaty. Shortly after the signing, Logan got confirmation from Mike that CTU was successful in rescuing the hostages. Logan informed President Suvarov and the press about the crisis at the Ontario Airport being over.


Logan and Jack Bauer question Walt Cummings.

When Martha confronts her husband, he brushed her off as he had other issues to deal with. CTU reported that one of the terrorists was posing as a hostage and that the terrorists smuggled 20 canisters of Sentox VX nerve gas out of the airport. Logan was then confronted by his wife, who claimed that she was knocked out unconscious and someone stole a transcript from her blouse. Walt managed to convince Logan to have Martha committed, but she managed to escape from the retreat. Aaron Pierce found Martha and brought her back to the retreat, while Walt arranged for her to be transported to the mental clinic.

Logan was later confronted by Walt, who told him Jack Bauer was meeting Mike in order to accuse Walt of being in bed with the terrorists. Logan was shocked when Walt confessed he was complicit in the selling of the nerve gas to the terrorists. Cummings told him that the nerve gas would blow up in the terrorists faces and it would prove there was weapons of mass destruction in Central Asia. This would justify a stronger US military and increase the flow of gas in Central Asia. Logan agreed to have Bauer arrested and detained by Secret Service.

While talking with Walt, Logan became furious when Bauer came into the room and began to assault Cummings. Logan demanded for Agent Pierce to take Bauer into custody, while Pierce suggested he wasn't put the president in any harm. After Jack threatened to cut Walt's eye out, Walt confessed to knowing the location of the nerve gas. Logan was shocked, as Cummings had told him he didn't know where the gas was. CTU dispatched a TAC team to the location and Bauer told Logan he would go back into hiding once the crisis was over, as the Chinese are still after him. When the gas was missing and Ivan Erwich called Cummings and told him the American people would suffer his betrayal, Logan asked for Jack to stay with CTU. Logan then stopped Martha from being brought to the clinic.


Logan discusses with Mike and Martha on how to handle the Walt situation.

Both the president and Mike felt it would be best to cover up Cummings' involvement with the terrorists, in order to protect the administration. Martha learned about Cummings and she thought it would be best if the American public knew about Walt's role in the day's events. Logan decided to side with his wife and they worked on a statement to the press together. They were then contacted by Mike, who suggested for them to meet him in the hallway.

Logan and Martha discovered that Walt committed suicide by hanging himself. Mike suggested the best option would to cover up Walt's involvement with the terrorists. Martha once again protested and Logan told her he would go along with her assessment if she could break the news to Suzanne Cummings, who was on her way to pick up Walt's body. Martha comforted Suzanne and prepared to tell her about her husband's betrayal to the country. Martha was unable to tell Suzanne that her husband committed treason and was a traitor. She insisted that he was a patriot and committed suicide due to the stressfulness of the day.

Logan was later contacted by Lynn McGill, a District agent who was overseeing CTU's investigation. McGill told him that Bauer was with terrorists in the Sunrise Hills Shopping Mall and they needed to decide if they should release the gas. Audrey Raines argued that the lives of the innocent people shouldn't be sacrificed, while McGill was convinced releasing the gas will help them find the other 19 canisters. Logan went with Lynn's assessment and assured him that he better find the other canisters, or this people would of died for nothing.


Logan became furious when CTU wasn't able to find the other canisters, but he was grateful that only 11 people died in the attack. Logan then got a call from a man named Vladimir Bierko, who claimed to have the nerve gas canisters in his possession. Bierko revealed that he planned on releasing the gas in Moscow, but it would seem impossible to smuggle the canisters out of the country with every federal agency looking for them. Bierko demanded for Logan to give him the motorcade route of President Suvarov, or he would release the gas on American soil.

Logan was put in a tough position, choosing between his newfound friendship with the Russians and the lives of US citizens. He went to Mike for advice and asked if CTU had any leads. Mike told him that CTU didn't and Jack Bauer went dark, going on a lead himself. When Martha found out about Bierko's demands, she confronted her husband and insisted it was murder if he complied to the terrorists demands. Martha wanted her husband to stand up to the terrorists, rather than give in to them. Logan instructed Mike to get the motorcade route to Bierko.


Logan learns about the attack on the Suvarovs from Bill Buchanan.

After the Suvarovs left for the airport, Logan was informed that Martha entered the limousine in an effort to save them. Logan called Martha and demanded for her to leave the limousine, but she refused. When Logan suggested on having a car follow Martha and have Secret Service force her out, Mike suggested that this would hint to Suvarov that they knew about the impending attack. Logan had no other options and he asked for Mike to pray with him, knowing that his wife would die within the hour.

Logan and Mike were then contacted by Buchanan, who told them that their may be a possible attack on the Suvarovs motorcade and he is having the Secret Service contacted with the information. Logan was put in a shock of mind, as he realized that Bierko would retaliate and initiate an attack. Mike told Buchanan that the president was lost for words, as his wife was in the limousine. Mike thanked Buchanan for his good work and hung up the phone.

When Agent Pierce called for the motorcade to be turned around, the Russian separatists began to attack. The Russians killed nearly all of the agents, but Aaron Pierce was able to take out the remaining hostiles and save Martha, Yuri, and Anya's lives. Logan was informed his wife survived the attack and Bierko contacted him. Bierko accused Logan of tipping off Secret Service, while Logan insisted he didn't have control over it. Bierko told Logan that if the Russia couldn't suffer the loss of its president, America would suffer the loss of its citizens.

After Martha and the Russians arrived back at the retreat, Logan tried to comfort his wife, but she refused to speak to him. Logan spoke to President Suvarov, who addressed his concerns for Martha's behavior. Suvarov reported that he noticed Martha's strange behavior before the attack occurred. Logan told Suvarov that his wife suffered from an illness and was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Suvarov gave his condolences and Logan told him about the nerve gas being in the possession of terrorists. When Logan went to see Martha in her room, Evelyn Martin told the president Martha specifically mentioned to not allow Logan to be admitted into the room.


Logan reconnects with the First Lady.

Logan soon learned from Karen Hayes that CTU lost over 40% of their personnel when a hostile entered the building with a stolen key card and released a canister of nerve gas. Logan has Hayes and a team from the Department of Homeland Security to head over to CTU, to see what kind of shape they are in. Logan then met with Vice President Hal Gardner, who just arrived. Novick was shocked to see Gardner and thought he was in Salt Lake City for the day. Logan told Novick that both him and Gardner felt it would be best for him to come to Los Angeles to help advise decisions.

Vice President Gardner highly suggested for Martial law to be evoked on the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Logan has hesitant to the idea and Novick strongly opposed against it. Gardner argued that it would help save the lives of the people in the city and it would also be harder for the terrorists to move around. Gardner had the military standing by, awaiting from an order from the president. In order to avoid getting permission from Congress, Gardner suggested for Logan to cheat the system by calling it a curfew.

Mike confronted Martha in hopes of getting her to change her mind about the president. After Mike told Martha that the president was on his knees praying for her life, Martha began to forgive him, but she also knew he wanted something. Martha confronted the president about his plans to activate Martial law in Los Angeles. She told him that Gardner was using this as a ploy to make his way to the White House and there would be a fall-out. Despite her disagreements with Gardner's opinion, Martha told her husband she would stand by him no matter what decision he decided to make.


Logan address the nation about the curfew in Los Angeles.

After Logan approved for Homeland Security to absorb CTU and to have Gardner oversee the operation, Logan called a press conference in order to activate Martial law. With Gardner, Mike, and Martha standing by his side, Logan made his announcement and commentators began to question whether the curfew on the Los Angeles metropolitan area was legal. Gardner assured Logan that he was in control of the situation. Logan was later grateful when Jack Bauer and a TAC team are able to capture Bierko and destroy the remaining Sentox by blowing up the Wilshire Gas Company.

When Wayne Palmer arrived at the presidential retreat to meet with Aaron, Gardner confronted Logan and asked him if he knew about Palmer's arrival. Logan confirmed that he had no idea about Palmer coming to the retreat and he asked what he wanted. Gardner told him that Palmer had a momentum to give to Aaron from David. Logan assured Gardner that he didn't need to worry about Wayne, as he knew Aaron and Palmer were very close.


Logan tells Christopher Henderson to handle Bauer.

It was later revealed shortly before 11:00 PM that Logan was complicit in the assassination of David Palmer and the selling of the Sentox gas to terrorists. Christopher Henderson called Logan and told him he didn't have the evidence implicating Logan in the day's events. Logan told Henderson to take care of the situation and silence Bauer. Henderson assured Logan that he would find Bauer, as Evelyn Martin was shot and she will need to receive medical attention. Logan told Henderson to not disappoint him. Logan the expressed his belief that Henderson caused the situation to spiral out of control when he ordered the hit of Palmer.

Logan put out an arrest warrant for Jack Bauer and made it the priority of CTU and Homeland Security. When Karen Hayes asked what Bauer was being charged for, Logan claimed it was for Bauer's role in the assassination of David Palmer. When Hayes asked about Bauer being exonerated of those charges earlier and Logan being the one to reinstate him, Logan told her that a source provided evidence that implicated Bauer in the assassination and he is looking at it now.

When Gardner learned about Bauer's arrest, he confronted the president and claimed Bauer was a hero. When Gardner asked to see the evidence, Logan refused and told him he would see it in given time. The president then issued a press conference, telling the American public about the terrorist crisis being over. However, Logan expressed that he would keep the curfew in effect. Martha later confronted her husband and Logan received a call about Jack. When Logan asked for Martha to leave the room, she became suspicious.


Logan puts out his hand to Secretary Heller.

Secretary of Defense James Heller called Logan and demanded to speak to him. Logan agreed to meet with him when he was back in Washington, but Heller insisted on seeing him tonight, as he just arrived in Los Angeles. Karen Hayes then called Logan and told him they were able to find Jack's location by tracking Audrey Raines. Karen told him that she had a team dispatched to the area, but Logan demanded for her to have it called back. When Hayes asked why, Logan insisted that he wanted the military to bring him in.

Hayes expressed her concerns over Logan with Mike Novick, who confronted the president about it. Novick got confirmation that the military wasn't picking up Bauer, as Logan sent Henderson and his men to the location. Logan told Novick that he had nothing to be concerned about, as he had a team of his own pick up Bauer. Heller then arrived at the retreat and when Martha asked why he was there, Logan told her he didn't know what Heller wanted.

Heller told Logan that he know about his complicity in the day's events and he wouldn't release the evidence if Logan cooperated with his demands. Heller asked for Logan to submit his resignation, for any personal reason he wanted. Heller had Logan write up his resignation and he asked for Vice President Gardner to be a witness. After Gardner arrived in Logan's office, Logan got a call from Henderson. Henderson had the evidence in hand and Logan revealed to Gardner that he asked Heller to resign. When Heller began making accusations, Logan had Secret Service agents escort him out of the building, and Gardner had a sign of disbelief in the president.


Logan talks to Graem Bauer on the phone.

Henderson revealed to Logan that he didn't destroy the recording and passed it off on someone. Henderson didn't want to be killed like Cummings and made arrangements for the recording to be released if a accident happened to him. Logan called one of his associates, Graem Bauer, and requested for the action against Henderson to be canceled. Graem then assured Logan that they had a bigger problem, Logan's wife. Graem told him that she asking about Aaron Pierce, who knew about Logan's involvement, and she needed to be silenced.

After Logan had Justin Adams lock Martha up in a room, he confronted her and told her that he was responsible for David's assassination and the selling of chemical weapons to terrorists. Martha was horrified over her husband's confession and she told him that she hated him. Martha agreed to keep her mouth shut, for the sake of the country, but she told Logan she would never be able to look at him the same and that he lost her love and trust for him.

Mike Novick later become suspicious that Martha and Charles were hiding something from him, and he confronted Martha about it. Martha asked for Mike to get her medication and Mike went to the president. President Logan told Mike that he and Martha were having marital problems and the events of the day made them realized they could no longer be together. Logan allowed for Mike to bring Martha her medication and Logan assured Graem that the situation with Martha was taken care of.


Logan and Novick disagree on how to handle Bauer.

Logan was then alarmed that Bauer took control of Flight 520 and he has the evidence in his possession. The plane was on its way back to Van Nuys Airfield in Los Angeles, and it would be only a matter of time before Bauer exposes Logan. Graem told Logan that he would have to have the plane shot down immediately, before Bauer could hurt them. Graem told the president he would send out a VT distress signal, giving the president permission to allow the Navy to shoot the plane down.

Mike confronted Logan and told him a distress signal was sent out from the plane. Admiral Kirkland told Logan that Bauer would use the plane as a weapon on a civilian target, and his F-18s would have to shot the plane out of the air. Mike is convinced that Bauer wouldn't go to those lengths and he had a purpose on the plane. When the plane began to land on a Los Angeles highway, Logan demanded for Kirkland to shoot it down. Both Novick and Kirkland vouched that was no longer necessary and Logan was forced to comply. Logan told Kirkland to have the plane shot down immediately if it got back in the air.

Logan planned on using the military to arrest Bauer, but he managed to escape from the perimeter with help from Curtis Manning and a CTU tactical team. When Logan got confirmation that CTU set up a meeting with the Attorney General, he called Graem and told him that he would do what needed to be done and Graem and his associates would not be implicated in any of the mess. Logan pulled out a gun and he supposedly planned on committing suicide. When Miles Papazian called and asked for permission to intervene in CTU's investigation, Logan gave him authorization and the number of his personal line.


Logan tries to make a deal with Aaron Pierce.

Logan called Graem and told him that the recording had been erased. Graem told him to tie up any loose ends, mainly Aaron Pierce and Martha. Logan confronted Aaron, who was beaten and tied up to a chair. Logan agreed to put the little confrontation behind them and assign Pierce to anywhere, excluding the White House, if he agreed to let everything go. Pierce refused and he claimed that Charles was a disgrace to his office. Logan ordered for Agent Adams to take Pierce and kill him, then dump the body.

Jack soon realized that he would be targeted when he learned that Logan had the charges against him dropped earlier in the hour. Bauer had to put the Logan situation aside when Bierko managed to escape from his transport van. Agent Davis survived the attack and told CTU he heard Bierko and his men talking about a bigger attack and a canister of nerve gas. Logan was informed about Bierko's escape from Novick and learned that Bierko seized control of the Russian ship the Natalia, and had access to warhead missiles.

A team small team, that included Bauer, Henderson, and Agent McCullough, stormed the ship and they managed to disarm the missiles. In the operation Bierko and all of his men, along with Henderson, were killed. Graem was delighted to hear this news, but both him and Logan both agreed that Bauer was still a possible threat to them. Logan told Graem that Bauer would be taken care of. Logan then prepared to leave on Marine One and head to Arlington National Cemetary, for Palmer's funeral.


Logan is stalled by his wife, who seduces him.

Logan's people weren't able to find Wayne Palmer and he told them that he wouldn't wait for him. Logan prepared to leave, but Martha confronted him and delayed the flight. She told Logan that she forgave him and understood that he only did what was best for the country. She seduced her husband and the two of them had sex, which caused the flight to be shortly delayed. Logan then got back on track, but Martha insisted on going on another flight. She felt having Logan emerge from the plane alone would have a stronger image.

During the flight, the pilot was held at gunpoint and the co-pilot came in the back. The co-pilot turned out to be Jack Bauer, who managed to board the plane with help from Aaron Pierce. He had the pilot land at an abandoned power plant, then Jack knocked him out unconscious with a tazer. Jack took Logan into the plant and emptied all of his pockets. A CTU agent arrived and gave Bauer communication technology.

Bauer tried to get Logan to confess to his involvement in the day's events, but Logan denied it. Bauer told Logan that he wasn't afraid to put a bullet in his brain and Logan assured Jack that he would go down in history with John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald. Jack prepared to kill Logan, but he wasn't able to pull the trigger and Logan told him it was all right. Agents then arrived at the plant and Bauer was forced to surrender. Logan assured them he was fine, he grabbed his pen, and then went back to his schedule.


Logan learns from Secret Service agents that he is being arrested.

After Logan arrived at Palmer's ceremony, Martha began to become emotional and she started to make accusations at Logan. The president went inside with her and he confirmed with one of his men it was a secure area. After searching to see if Martha had any communication devices on her, Logan told her that he would have her committed. During the conversation, Martha accused him of being complicit in Palmer's assassination, the selling of nerve gas to terrorists, and the murder of several people to cover it up.

Logan and Martha went back to the ceremony, and he gave the eulogy for President Palmer. During his speech, Logan noticed Secret Service agents talking and walking up to the podium. After Logan finished his speech, he told the agents that they nearly interrupted his speech. One of the agents whispered in Logan's ear that he was being arrested and he then revealed a device Bauer planted on Logan's pen. Logan looked at Martha, knowing she set him up, as he was taken away by the agents. Vice President Gardner was sworn in shortly after Logan's arrest.

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