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Charles Solenz was a United Nations relief officer who provided supplies to the Okavango School in Sangala.


Solenz arrived with Thomas, a young man from Sangala, at the Okavango School with a truckload of supplies. Jack Bauer, a friend of the man who built the school Carl Benton, assisted Thomas in unloading the UN supplies. Solenz immediately began to verbally harass Jack about his past. Later, Solenz got into a heated discussion with Thomas, who claimed that rebel general Benjamin Juma was kidnapping Sangala boys and raising an army. Solenz berated Thomas for spreading absurd rumors, because the UN was supposed to be watching the disarmed Juma. Their argument was broken up by Benton, who soon verified that Thomas was correct.

When Youssou Dubaku and a team of rebels approached the school to kidnap the boys, Solenz said he would go talk to them. He became frightened, however, and Jack told him to go hide "with the other children" when Solenz refused to ambush them with Jack. Solenz was the last person to enter the hidden chamber with Thomas and the boys. As Bauer and Benton (former Special Forces operatives) killed off the rebels, Thomas prepared to leave the compartment to help. Solenz held him back, terrified that Thomas would be captured and would surrender their hiding spot. They were safely let out by Benton. Outside the school, Solenz departed alone in his UN truck, refusing to help the boys since it wouldn't be "neutral".

Solenz was quickly captured by one of Juma's rebel checkpoints. He was bloodied up by the rebels, and their officer, Lieutenant Kintu, radioed Colonel Iké Dubaku. Kintu reported that Solenz was willing to betray the boys' location: Solenz did, and Dubaku's forces actively pursued them for miles.

Background information and notes[]

  • It was not specified if Solenz was kept alive by Dubaku's men.

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