Wiki 24

Chase Edmunds is attacked by Joseph Sin-Chung.


Jack calls Michelle Dessler at CTU and tells her that Peter Madsen has Kate Warner hostage. He asks her to send a chopper over to the 62837 West Vista Road location, and she obliges.

In his car, Tony Almeida receives word of someone insisting on talking to him. Adam Kaufman transfers the call through, saying that the woman claimed to have vital information about Governor Radford. The woman, called Kathy Weis, says that she wants Tony to meet her, and she is risking a lot just speaking on the phone. They agree to meet at Fisher Pier in 20 minutes. She says if Tony is not there then, she will leave. She also demands protection and says that she wont tell him anything unless she gets protection.

Meanwhile Chase Edmunds notices that he is being followed. He speeds up, but the car behind rams into him. It knocks into him again then pulls up alongside him and tries to grind him into a wall. Sin-Chung then begins to shoot at him and Chase has to duck out of the way to keep driving. The terrorists clip the back of Chase's car, causing him to spin around. They pull to a stop as Chase's car is knocked off the road, rolling down a valley side. The car lands upside down and Chase crawls out.

He is seriously injured and calls CTU. He tells Michelle what happened and she suggests going to an old saw mill near by where there will be a first aid kit. By navigating his way around Sin-Chung's men Chase makes it to the saw mill and stocks up on health and weapons. He then has to kill Sin-Chung himself. After killing one of the men who has an assault rifle, Chase can easily take out all of the men. He heads past the bodies to a slope where Sin-Chung blasts five canister of gas, causing a huge explosion. Chase heads past this and takes out Sin-Chung himself, along with several of his men.