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Chatham and Dominion was a factory based in East London, England, near the East London Mosque. The factory was constructed under the Hammersmith rail line and as of Day 9 was boarded up and abandoned except for a few squatters.

Shortly before Day 9, Jack Bauer visited an Internet cafe a few blocks from the factory and planted a false tip from the Prague police that he was hiding out in London. As Day 9 began, a CIA team led by Erik Ritter raided the factory to capture him. Jack fought and incapacitated Agents Miller, Armstrong, and Cutler, and traded fire with Ritter. Rather than making for the roof, which would have allowed him to escape to any of the nearby buildings, Jack ran through a nearby marketplace and to the nearby river, where he was cornered and captured by Ritter, Staines, and Agent Hill. ("Day 9: 11:00am-12:00pm")

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