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Chatsworth was a rural neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, located in the far northwest corner of the San Fernando Valley. The area was zoned for horses, and was home to a popular rock-climbing spot, Stoney Point Park. (Chaos Theory)

After his staged shooting by Jack Bauer, Adrian Tintfass was sequestered at a safe house on Baden in Chatsworth, under guard by FBI agents Jason Fujimora and Holmquist. Nina Myers discovered the safe house after questioning Tintfass' wife Marcia and tracing her phone calls. (Chaos Theory)

Second Wave leader Syed Ali had a safe house at 18 Starling Court in Chatsworth. ("Day 2: 4:00pm-5:00pm", "5:00pm-6:00pm")

Habib Marwan planned his terrorist attacks from a building in Chatsworth, 24878 Alvert Street. ("Day 4: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

Dina Araz picked up her son Behrooz from Lassen Street in Chatsworth, near the Metrolink station, as Navi waited close by. Dina tried to escape with her son, getting shot in the arm. An hour later they hid at a hotel in Chatsworth, and while Behrooz went to get medicine CTU arrested Dina. ("Day 4: 1:00pm-2:00pm", "3:00pm-4:00pm")

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