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The Chechen Liberation Front was a radical Islamic splinter faction who were vehemently opposed to Russia's continuing occupation of Chechnya. Leader Imran Geshayev served as a moderating force at first, wanting to support the new government in exchange for representation in that government. However, Geshayev and the group later turned to terrorism and martyrdom.


In the graphic novel 24 Stories, the CLF took over the Hotel Long Beach, taking around 100 guests captive. Speaking to the media, Geshayev claimed that the current Chechen government was a Russian puppet regime. In exchange for the lives of Secretary of State William Nolan and Russian Foreign Minister Gregory Petrovic, Geshayev demanded full sovereignty for Chechnya, removal of Russian troops, and the release of 30 CLF members from Russian prisons. However, Geshayev's plan was to blow up the hotel no matter what happened.

Memorable quotes[]

  • Gregory Petrovic: I believe your president is a good man and it is out of respect we agreed to attend. But this group has shown no respect for olive branches.
  • William Nolan: How many have you extended to them?

  • Imran Geshayev: The statement we are making - not trying to make - is that the godless Russian occupiers must leave our land. They must abandon their illegal puppet regime, leave our land, and give up any and all claims to it.