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Chell was a hacker and member of the Open Cell organization led by Adrian Cross.

Day 9

At around 12:00pm, Chell was at the Open Cell headquarters when Chloe O'Brian returned after being held captive by Special Activities for three days. Chell expressed concern for Chloe and gave her a hug. Suddenly, Jack Bauer and Belcheck stormed in with guns and Chell exchanged a scared look with Pete. After Jack demanded help to find Derrick Yates, Chloe gave orders to Chell and the others to try to locate him.

After Bauer and Chloe realized that Yates plan was to take control of American drones, Chell showed them news footage of Chris Tanner, who was being framed for a drone attack on a U.S. military convoy.

Live appearances

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