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Chiarella was an NYPD patrolman on duty during Day 8.

Day 8 Edit

Officer Chiarella patrolled an evidence warehouse as part of his rounds after 10pm. He was unaware that Kevin Wade and Nick Coughlin had illegally accessed the location with help from Dana Walsh at CTU NY. When he observed a mess of materials on the floor in one of the evidence areas, he immediately radioed the emergency in. Before he could finish the broadcast, Nick clubbed him with a baseball bat and proceeded to kick the officer while he was down. Kevin and Nick fled the scene, leaving Chiarella bloodied and writhing in pain.

Several hours later, an NYPD official, Tom Hardiman, informed Bill Prady (Wade's parole officer) that Chiarella was comatose as a result of the assault. ("Day 8: 3:00am-4:00am")

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