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The Chinese-American war crisis was a conspiracy between terrorist Cheng Zhi and the Russians to cause a war between the United States and China. The conspiracy happened in the aftermath of a major terror plot by Margot Al-Harazi to assassinate US President James Heller which involved the device Cheng intended to use to cause the war. His plan was to use the device to hack into the American military system and cause an American submarine to attack a Chinese aircraft carrier that was traveling in the Mediterranean Sea against the wishes of the United States to intimidate the United Kingdom into not renewing the lease on the United States' drone base on Diego Garcia. The idea was to make it look like the United States' disapproval went as far as them sinking the carrier and cause the two countries to go to war. Cheng wished to get revenge on his former country by causing the war while Jack Bauer speculated that the Russians wished to use the opportunity caused by the destruction of the United States and China to further their own power in the world though he wasn't sure if it was a sanctioned operation or an off-the-books one.

While the plot came very close to succeeding, Jack Bauer was able to track down Cheng with the help of CIA agent Kate Morgan and White House Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau. With the aid of Belcheck and Chloe O'Brian, Jack raided the freighter Cheng was using to escape the UK and captured the terrorist. After transmitting proof of Cheng's continued existence to President Heller, Jack executed Cheng for his crimes. The proof of Cheng's survival along with promises of reparations for the loss of the Shenyang and its crew was enough to narrowly avoid war. However, all of this came at the cost of the loss of Audrey Boudreau, President Heller's daughter and Jack's ex-girlfriend who was murdered by Cheng when Jack refused to back down and let him escape.

Before Day 9Edit

Framing of Adam MorganEdit

At some point, CIA Station Chief Steve Navarro decided to sell American secrets for money. To this end, he stole secrets and sold them to Open Cell leader Adrian Cross who in turn sold them to China. Needing someone to frame, Navarro framed his friend Adam Morgan for his own crimes, successfully making it look like the man was a traitor. After everyone refused to believe him including his wife, Adam committed suicide while Kate was disgraced for not figuring out her husband was a traitor. ("Day 9: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

Alliance between Cheng and StolnavichEdit

At some point, terrorist Cheng Zhi made contact with Anatol Stolnavich, a Russian covert intelligence operator under cover as the Russians' Deputy Foreign Minister to Great Britain. The two formed an alliance to cause a war between the United States and China as Cheng wanted revenge for his country's perceived betrayal of him and Stolnavich wanted to further Russian power by destroying the United States and China which would allow Russia the chance to expand further. Whether Stolnavich was working an off-the-books operation or did this with the support of his government was unclear however. As Cheng had supposedly died in prison, Jack Bauer would later speculate that Stolnavich helped him escape and fake his death. ("Day 9: 8:00pm-9:00pm", "Day 9: 9:00pm-10:00pm")

Trading with ChengEdit

Feeling he needed money to further fund his operations, Open Cell leader Adrian Cross made a deal with Cheng who he believed to be a representative of the Chinese government, not knowing that he was in fact a believed-dead terrorist. In exchange for the funding he wanted, Cross agreed to create a device that would allow Cheng to hack any military system in the world. He eventually designed such a device, but the plans for it were stolen by Open Cell member Derrick Yates to sell to Margot Al-Harazi for her own revenge scheme. ("Day 9: 12:00pm-1:00pm", "Day 9: 8:00pm-9:00pm")

Aftermath of Day 8Edit

Following his role in foiling the Kamistani peace treaty cover-up, former CTU agent Jack Bauer fled the United States wanted by the United States and Russia as a terrorist. Jack began working for Karl Rask, a major arms dealer in order to take down organizations that he could get at that caused great harm. While working for Rask, Jack took down a human trafficking ring and a drug cartel, but abandoned his work when he learned of Margot Al-Harazi's plot to assassinate US President James Heller, an old friend of Jack's and the father of his old love Audrey Boudreau. ("Day 9: 4:00pm-5:00pm")

Having helped Jack escape, Chloe O'Brian was arrested and sent to prison for her actions. She was eventually released after some time in prison and returned to her family. However, her husband and son died in a car accident that Chloe believed was an attempt to kill her as she knew too much. As a result, Chloe joined Open Cell, advocating against government secrets as she believed they had gotten her family killed. Though Adrian Cross eventually learned that the accident was just an accident, he kept this from Chloe as he loved her and wanted her to stay with him. ("Day 9: 11:00am-12:00pm", "Day 9: 1:00pm-2:00pm", "Day 9: 8:00pm-9:00pm")

Day 9Edit

The Plot BeginsEdit

Margot Al-Harazi's assassination plotEdit

After her husband was killed in a US drone strike in Yemen that nearly killed her as well, terrorist leader Margot Al-Harazi plotted to get revenge against US President James Heller by using drone attacks to force him to surrender himself to her and then execute him. To this end, she hired former Open Cell member Derrick Yates to create a device for her that could be used to take control of ten US drones. To this end, Yates stole the plans for Adrian Cross' defense override module and modified it to work with drones exclusively to make more money off of it. Wanted fugitive Jack Bauer learned of the plot against his old friend and came out of hiding to protect Heller, both for Heller's sake and that of his daughter, the woman Jack loved. With the help of his old friend Chloe O'Brian and the CIA, Jack was eventually able to track down Margot and kill her, stopping an attack on Waterloo Station at the last minute. Jack recovered the defense override module from Margot's headquarters, but Chloe refused to aid him further and returned to Open Cell. ("Day 9: 11:00am-12:00pm", "Day 9: 12:00pm-1:00pm", "Day 9: 1:00pm-2:00pm", "Day 9: 2:00pm-3:00pm", "Day 9: 3:00pm-4:00pm", "Day 9: 4:00pm-5:00pm", "Day 9: 5:00pm-6:00pm", "Day 9: 6:00pm-7:00pm")

Murder of Jordan ReedEdit

While working to stop Margot Al-Harazi's plot, CIA analyst Jordan Reed noticed deletions in the files of Adam Morgan and began to feel that Morgan may have in fact been framed and was not guilty of selling US secrets to China. Though Jordan wished to attempt to restore the files, his boss, CIA Station Chief Steve Navarro refused, telling him to focus on stopping Margot and her plot. Unknown to Jordan, Navarro was the true perpetrator, having sold the secrets to China himself and framed Adam Morgan for his crime. Despite Navarro's orders, Jordan chose to work on restoring the files and Navarro contacted Adrian Cross who told him if Navarro was exposed, there was nothing he could do for him. To stop Jordan, Navarro hired mercenary James Harman to murder Jordan and sent Jordan to a fake dead-drop to set him up to be killed. Arriving at the site of the so-called dead-drop, Jordan was shot in the shoulder by Harman and fell into the Thames River. Jordan survived his wound and fled. His cell phone destroyed, Jordan contacted Navarro for help from a payphone. Navarro pretended to send Jordan help, but in fact contacted Harman with his location while lying to Kate Morgan about where Jordan was. When Harman arrived at Jordan's location, the analyst ambushed him, having realized that Navarro had set him up and demanded answers. However, Harman was able to use Jordan's lack of experience with weapons to distract him and attack. Harman fatally wounded Jordan with a knife, but Jordan was able to shoot him dead before dying himself. ("Day 9: 4:00pm-5:00pm", "Day 9: 5:00pm-6:00pm", "Day 9: 6:00pm-7:00pm")

Eventually the bodies of Jordan and Harman were located by London police and a detective called Kate after having learned of Jordan's connection to her. As there was no identification on Harman's body, Kate took a scan of his fingerprints and informed Jack and Navarro who panicked at the possibility of Harman being traced to him. In exchange for the override device, Cross agreed to help Navarro flee the country. Harman's fingerprints came back with an O code, meaning he was a professional and Jack decided to have his old friend Marlow at Langley attempt to break the O code and identify Harman for them. After analyzing the device, a DOD tech determined that it could be used to hack any military system and not just drones. Eventually Marlow contacted Jack and informed him of Harman's identity as a former top-level covert ops assassin. Upon learning that Steve Navarro was one of Harman's handlers, Jack realized that Navarro was behind the murder of Jordan. Once Navarro realized that he was close to being discovered, he knocked the tech out with a sleeper hold and fled the CIA London station with the override device. Jack chased Navarro, eventually capturing him, but not before Navarro was able to pass the device off to Cross who escaped with it. ("Day 9: 7:00pm-8:00pm", "Day 9: 8:00pm-9:00pm")

The Plot UnfoldsEdit

Chase after the override deviceEdit

Confused by Navarro's actions, Kate ordered analyst Gavin Leonard to see if he can find anything that Jordan was working on that could've led to his death. Leonard is eventually able to locate Jordan's work on the Adam Morgan files and discovers the truth that Navarro had framed Kate's husband and murdered Jordan to cover it up. Kate is left enraged, but Erik Ritter, now in charge of the station, refused to let her near Navarro. Ritter intended to send Navarro for "enhanced interrogation", but Jack informed him that Navarro was likely to be able to resist it as he was formerly covert ops and asked for a chance at interrogating Navarro himself. Ritter eventually agreed and Jack informed Navarro that his role in Jordan's murder and the selling of secrets to the Chinese had been exposed. Combined with the theft of the override device, Navarro was facing execution for treason if he didn't cooperate. Navarro explained that he never knew who Cross really was as their dealings were anonymous but that he could still help find Cross. However, Navarro demanded full immunity for his crimes in exchange for his help, believing Ritter wouldn't risk his career by allowing Jack to torture him. Jack still attempted to torture Navarro, breaking his hand, but was stopped by Ritter who decided to set up the immunity deal due to time being low, leaving both Kate and Jack enraged. In a last desperate attempt to force Navarro to tell them what he knew, Kate stormed the medical wing of the CIA station with a gun and pretended to snap and attack Navarro in revenge for the death of her husband while Jack attempted to talk her down. Believing the deception, Navarro panicked and told them he had a tracking device on the override device and gave them the code for it. Jack relayed the code to Leonard who began using it to track down the device. Navarro realized he'd been tricked and Kate informed him that she would ensure that he was executed for his crimes with her watching. With the immunity agreement no longer needed, Navarro was taken into custody and charged with murder and treason for his actions while Jack and Kate organized a strike on Open Cell to retrieve the override device before it could be used.

Worried about his wife's lingering feelings for Jack and his own safety since he forged President Heller's signature in a rendition order for Jack to the Russians, White House Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau gave Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Anatol Stolnavich Jack's comlink code so that he could track Jack in the field and capture him in exchange for Stolnavich keeping Boudreau's involvement secret. Stolnavich agreed, but unknown to Boudreau, was actually a covert Russian intelligence operator working with Cheng. After having learned that Jack was still needed to stop Cross and recover the device, Boudreau attempted to call off Stolnavich, but his calls were ignored.

Now having the location of the override device, Jack and Kate traveled to Open Cell with Ritter leading another team behind them. Along the way, Jack and Kate's vehicle was struck by a truck driven by Stolnavich's men and the two entered a gun fight with the Russians. Though they were outnumbered, the Americans won the fight when Ritter and his team arrived to back them up. With the Russians dead, Jack continued his pursuit of the override device which the tracking device showed to still be close.

Upon reaching Open Cell, Jack found everyone dead and Cheng gone. Kate located Chloe's recording leaving Jack shocked to learn that Cheng was still alive. Jack informed Heller of this new development and after being told of the sinking of the Shenyang, informed Heller of his belief that Cheng was working for someone given the Russian attack as he attempted to reach Cheng. Heller ordered Jack to locate and stop Cheng. ("Day 9: 8:00pm-9:00pm", "Day 9: 9:00pm-10:00pm")

Destruction of Open Cell and attack on the ShenyangEdit

After getting the device from Navarro, Cross informed Chloe of the fact that he designed the device and intended to use it to render technological warfare obsolete but Yates stole the design. While Chloe pretended to agree with Cross' plans, she took an opportunity to flee with the device, but was recaptured by Cross who took her back to Open Cell with him.

Chloe and Cross discovered Open Cell slaughtered by Cheng Zhi and Cross explained his deal with Cheng. Chloe told Cross the truth of who Cheng really was and his history with Jack. Discovering the alterations Yates made to the device, Cheng demanded that first Cross and then Chloe fix it for him so it will work on its original parameters. When Chloe refused, Cheng shot Cross in the leg and threatened his life, forcing Chloe to agree. Chloe modified the device, but also attempted to insert a virus to destroy it at the same time. Having anticipated this, Cheng had his technician observe Chloe's work discreetly and stopped Chloe once she had done enough for his man to finish the job. As they waited for Cheng to complete his plan, Cross informed Chloe of the truth of her family's deaths, that they were an accident before being executed by Cheng as no longer useful. Using the override device, Cheng's technician drafted an authentic order to the USS Massachusetts to sink the Chinese aircraft carrier Shenyang in the Mediterranean Sea. As the order appeared authentic, the Massachusetts complied with the order and torpedoed the Shenyang, sinking it and killing over a thousand people.

Following the sinking, Cheng had the override device disconnected and explained to Chloe that he felt betrayed by his country leading to his attempt to start a war between it and the United States. After his technician noticed Jack fighting the Russians nearby, Cheng realized that there was a tracking device on the override device and located and removed it. Cheng had then had his technician scramble the nearby security cameras so that they could not be tracked in that manner once they left. Cheng left Open Cell, taking Chloe as a hostage. On the way out, Chloe managed to get a cell phone lying on the floor and record Cheng's voice to let anyone reaching Open Cell know who they were dealing with. Cheng noticed the cell phone, but remained unaware of what Chloe was really doing when he took it from her and thus did not destroy the device. ("Day 9: 8:00pm-9:00pm", "Day 9: 9:00pm-10:00pm")

War LoomsEdit

Escalation of tensionsEdit

After learning of the attack on the Shenyang, President Heller quickly ordered the Massachusettes to begin rescue operations. He was eventually contracted by Chinese President Wei and informed Wei that the attack was not authenticated by him but caused by Cheng Zhi. Wei refused to believe it as he had evidence that Cheng was dead even though Heller insisted that he had evidence otherwise. Though Heller offered to procure Cheng as proof of his story, Wei refused to believe Heller as he believed the US had a reason to attack them and told Heller that Heller was responsible for what happened next before terminating their call. Heller became determined to find Cheng and the override device to prove the US' innocence in the attack and ordered Mark Boudreau to prepare a crisis management plan.

Shortly after his call with President Wei, President Heller was informed that the Chinese fleets were preparing to attack the US base at Okinawa. Though pushed by Colonel Shaw to raise the alert level and prepare the United States' nuclear arsenal, Heller declined as accident or not, the US fired first. As the Chinese fleet approached the United States fleet in Okinawa, British Prime Minister Alastair Davies contacted President Wei about the override device in an attempt to help diffuse the situation, but was unsuccessful in convincing him of the truth as well. Shortly afterwards, the Chinese launched missiles that destroyed the American surveillance satellites and President Heller reluctantly agreed to be moved and to raise the alert level to DEFCON 3.

Subsequently, President Heller was moved to the CIA London station where he was informed that the Chinese now had eight amphibious landing groups heading to their base in Okinawa and the first Chinese carrier would cross the twelve-mile limit in half an hour. The United States Seventh Fleet was now awaiting orders to attack while one of the Chinese submarines was rising to three hundred feet which was firing depth for its missiles. Heller ordered for their own submarines to be on high alert and a call to be placed to President Wei. Once contact was established, Heller informed Wei he was aware of Wei sending ships to Okinawa and that they both had their ships ready to fight. Heller reminded Wei that it was best for both of their countries that they avoid a shooting war, but Wei still believed that the United States launched an unprovoked attack on the Shenyang and that needed to be responded to. Heller assured Wei that he had agents hunting Cheng and asked for Wei to pull back in good faith while Cheng was captured. However, Wei's government firmly believed Cheng to be dead and Wei refused to relent unless he was given definitive proof otherwise. While frustrated by this, Heller informed Wei that if the Chinese ships crossed the twelve-mile limit around Okinawa, the US ships would attack. As the Chinese fleet approached Okinawa, Heller was asked for permission to engage if the perimeter was breached. Heller continued to hesitate in hopes that Jack would catch Cheng in time while Ron Clark was informed of Audrey's death. ("Day 9: 10:00pm-11:00am")

Exposure of Mark Boudreau's treason and raid on Stolnavich's compoundEdit

After calling the CIA for help with locating Cheng, Jack learned that Cheng had scrambled all of the security cameras in the area and thus could not be located that way and that the Russians tracked Jack through his comlink. After being informed by Gavin Leonard that Mark Boudreau had asked for the comlink code, Jack realized that Boudreau had betrayed him and rushed to Willoughby House to confront him with Kate. Jack explained to Kate that Cheng wanted revenge for China betraying him after his attempts to get greater power for it during Day 6 while Russia would benefit if China was harmed by a war with the United States though Jack was left unsure of what caused Boudreau to betray the United States.

After having spoken to Audrey about the threat from Cheng and being ordered by her to "do what needs to be done," Jack pulled Heller and Boudreau aside and demanded answers from Boudreau at gunpoint. Boudreau reluctantly admitted to forging Heller's signature on the rendition order and giving Jack's comlink code to the Russians. Boudreau insisted he did what he did to protect Heller from Jack as having Jack on the loose while the Russians wanted him is politically dangerous. Boudreau revealed his partnership with Anatol Stolnavich only to be informed by Jack that Stolnavich's job of Russian Deputy Foreign Minister is a cover for his true job as a Russian intelligence operator and how Russia would benefit if the United States went to war with China. An enraged Heller ordered Boudreau arrested for treason, but Jack informed Heller he still needed Boudreau's help to get to Stolnavich and through him, Cheng. Boudreau told Jack the location of Stolnavich's home in Knightsbridge as well as the fact that it was heavily guarded. After Heller agreed to let Boudreau help Jack, Jack asked him to set up a meeting with Stolnavich and help him get into Stolnavich's home though Heller refused to listen to Boudreau's excuses for his actions any further.

With the help of the CIA, Jack set up a raid on Stolnavich's compound. Jack outfitted Boudreau with a wireless com unit and a camera and ordered him to get them a view of the compound's security system for the CIA. Jack also informed Boudreau of the need for him to stall Stolnavich until Jack could reach him. Boudreau approached Stolnavich's compound and begged Stolnavich to let him in so he could seek asylum now that President Heller had found out about his actions. Stolnavich refused at first, but Boudreau eventually convinced him and Stolnavich let Boudreau in. Though a guard searched Boudreau, he missed the camera Jack and Kate had pinned to his lapel. Directed by Jack, Boudreau got an image of the security panel, allowing Leonard to identify the security company Stolnavich used. With this information, Leonard would be able to figure out how to jam the signal from the compound's security cameras while Boudreau discreetly showed Jack and Kate the location of Stolnavich's guards.

Once Leonard was ready, Jack and Kate assaulted the compound, taking out the guards and making their way to Stolnavich's office. At the same time, Boudreau discussed a deal with Stolnavich in exchange for his defection, but once the cameras went down, Stolnavich realized Boudreau set him up and went for his gun. Boudreau and Stolnavich struggled over the gun, resulting in the two crashing through a glass door. Though Boudreau's wounds proved to be minor, Stolnavich was left mortally wounded when a piece of glass was left lodged in his neck. Stolnavich removed the glass and died despite Jack and Boudreau's efforts to save him. Though Jack demanded Cheng's location, Stolnavich defiantly told Jack he would pay for his crimes against Russia before dying without disclosing the needed information.

With Stolnavich dead, Jack, Kate and Boudreau searched his office for clues. Neither Kate nor Boudreau were able to find anything useful in Stolnavich's files or emails, but Jack located a hidden cell phone in one of Stolnavich's drawers. Using Stolnavich's fingerprint to unlock the phone, Jack discovered emails from Stolnavich under a fake name regarding a shipment at the Southampton Docks for that night. Jack realized that the shipment must be Cheng and gave the phone to Kate to have the CIA analyze it. However, Boudreau got a picture sent to his phone from Cheng of Audrey being held hostage by his sniper. Cheng then contacted Jack and demanded he stop tracking him or Cheng would have his sniper kill Audrey. Though Jack tried to reason with Cheng, he refused to listen and reiterated his order before hanging up. Boudreau believed it to be over and insisted that even if they got Cheng and the proof there was no guarantee of getting President Wei to stop. However, Kate reminded Jack that capturing Cheng was the only chance of them avoiding war with China. Jack recognized that Kate was right but knew he also needed to rescue Audrey. Kate decided to rescue Audrey herself while Jack went after Cheng. Jack reluctantly agreed and ordered Kate not to involve the CIA and thus risk Audrey's life. Instead, Jack ordered Kate to locate Audrey by calling her office and then gather a small team discreetly to take out the sniper. ("Day 9: 9:00pm-10:00pm", "Day 9: 10:00pm-11:00am")

Hostage situationEdit

Cheng informed Stolnavich of the success of their plan to sink the Shenyang and Stolnavich told him to make his way to the Southampton Docks where his men would be waiting to escort Cheng out of the country. However, along the way, Chloe managed to escape from Cheng's vehicle and Cheng stopped his search for her after British soldiers stopped for a moment, losing a valuable hostage in the process.

To buy some time, Audrey Boudreau decided to meet with her friend Jiao Sim from the Chinese embassy. With Jiao being the daughter of a high-ranking Chinese official and likely to believe her, Audrey believed that if she could bring Jiao evidence of the override device and Cheng's involvement, they could possibly get China to back down for at least awhile. In a park, Audrey met with Jiao who agreed to bring the evidence of the override device's existence to her father to attempt to prevent the war. However, needing a new hostage, Cheng had Audrey's Secret Service detail killed by a sniper loyal to him and Jiao shot. Cheng then contacted Audrey and ordered her to stay put or his sniper would kill her. With no other choice, Audrey complied. A few minutes later, Audrey noticed that Jiao was still alive and attempted to help her friend. However, Cheng was informed of this by his sniper and ordered Audrey to sit back down. Audrey continued to insist on helping Jiao, so Cheng had his sniper finish Jiao off and forced Audrey to sit back down.

After having learned of the threat to Audrey's life, Kate made her way to the park with her team, but couldn't locate the sniper. Kate contacted Audrey and informed her that she was there to rescue her. Kate had Audrey move, causing the sniper to fire a warning shot at Audrey which allowed Kate to locate him. Kate informed Jack she'd located the sniper and was moving into position to take him out while Cheng ordered the sniper to kill Audrey if she tried to escape. As Kate got into position, she contacted Audrey again and ordered her where to go once the shooting started. After being informed by Chloe that Cheng was about to have the sniper kill Audrey since he had detected Jack's assault, Kate moved quickly and took out the sniper with one of her men as he was about to kill Audrey. With Audrey safe, Kate quickly called Ritter and informed him that she had Audrey secured and he needed to send a team to back Jack up at the Southampton Docks. Though confused, Ritter scrambled a tactical team and a helicopter to back Jack up.

As Kate informed Audrey of the situation, a second shooter opened fire, killing two CIA agents before escaping in a car. To Kate's horror, she discovered that Audrey had been hit and despite her best efforts, Audrey died of her wounds. ("Day 8: 2:00am-3:00am", "Day 9: 10:00pm-11:00am")

Raid on the LeticiaEdit

As Jack made his way to the docks, Chloe managed to get a couple she met on the road to allow her to borrow their phone and called Jack to inform him of her escape and Cross' death. Jack informed Chloe of the fact that if they captured Cheng, they could stop the war with China and how he was meeting Belcheck at the docks to assault the Letitcia, the ship Cheng was using to escape Britain. Recognizing that Jack shouldn't go in blind, Chloe offered her help in running surveillance on the operation. Jack reluctantly agreed to allow Chloe to help him after she asked for a chance to make up for her mistakes and picked her up on his way to the docks. As Chloe prepared to assist Jack, he questioned her on why she was aiding Adrian Cross when he stole the override device. Chloe informed him of her failed attempt to steal the device and how Cheng betrayed them. Chloe admitted to being brainwashed by Cross and used to create the device and blamed herself for the events. Jack accepted that Chloe didn't knowingly help Cheng and Cross and told her that she needed to forgive herself for her role in the events.

After they arrived at the docks and met up with Belcheck, Chloe had Jack help her break into a nearby shed so that she could link with nearby satellites and track Cheng's men for them. Chloe then guided Jack and Belcheck through taking out Cheng's guards on the docks to safely board the ship. After the two boarded the ship and took out some nearby guards, Chloe informed them that she picked up a dozen heat signatures on the ship that are in pairs and that there were a bunch of men around the ship's communications tower which they figured must where Cheng was located. Chloe also informed them that she had heard nothing on Audrey's status. However, soon after Jack and Belcheck began their attack on the ship, Cheng's technician noticed Chloe monitoring them by satellite and informed Cheng who was unable to reach his guards. Cheng ordered his technician to cut Chloe's feed and ordered his men to find Jack and Belcheck. Having noticed this, Chloe informed Jack that Cheng knew they were there and quickly called Kate to take out the sniper as Cheng ordered him to kill Audrey. Shortly thereafter, Chloe informed Jack that Audrey had been saved but that Cheng had located her satellite feed before being cut-off. Cheng's technician took over the feed for himself and showed Cheng Jack and Belcheck's positions on the ship through the feed. Growing panicked, Cheng ordered the ship's captain to start the engines at gunpoint and Jack sent Belcheck to shut down the engines while he continued his assault on Cheng.

As Belcheck reached the engine room and forced the crew to shut down the engines, Jack moved cautiously through the ship before getting a phone call. Having expected Chloe, Jack was surprised that it was Kate and was then devastated when Kate informed him that there was a second shooter that killed Audrey. Enraged, Jack killed all of Cheng's men near him when they found him and stormed through the kitchen, killing everyone in there as well. Jack fought his way to the communications tower where he used one of Cheng's men as a human shield to eliminate Cheng's last few men. Jack then disarmed Cheng and engaged him in a brutal hand-to-hand fight. Jack eventually broke Cheng's arm and overpowered him, ultimately capturing Cheng alive. ("Day 9: 10:00pm-11:00am")


As Jack captured Cheng, the Chinese fleet crossed the twelve-mile perimeter around Okinawa and President Heller reluctantly ordered the Seventh Fleet to engage. As an admiral started to discuss the US' nuclear response and war seemed imminent, Gavin Leonard contacted Heller and informed him that Jack was on the line. Heller realized that Jack had likely captured Cheng and quickly ordered the Seventh Fleet to hold their attack. Through a video call, Jack informed Heller and his men that he had captured Cheng alive and ordered them to begin facial recognition to confirm Cheng's identity. Leonard started facial recognition software against the images of Cheng they had on file and Jack demanded that Cheng identify himself. When Cheng refused, Jack grabbed a katana off the wall and held it to Cheng's throat, repeating the order. Cheng defiantly informed them that "my name is Cheng Zhi" and Leonard was able to get both facial and voice recognition on Cheng and officially identify him. With Cheng identified, Jack ended his video call. Jack then told Cheng "this is for Audrey you son of a bitch" and decapitated Cheng, killing him in revenge for Audrey's murder.

Having gotten proof, President Heller sent a recording of the call with Jack and their facial and voice recognition matches on Cheng to President Wei before calling him. Heller informed President Wei that this proof of Cheng's survival was proof that Heller had not ordered the attack on the Shenyang. Though Wei received the proof, he hesitated to stand down, stating that he needed to confirm the authenticity of the recording. While President Heller agreed to give him that time, the Chinese fleet had crossed the twelve-mile perimeter and Heller demanded they be withdrawn or he would be forced to attack. After hesitating for a few moments more, President Wei agreed to withdraw his forces if Heller would discuss reparations with him for the loss of the Shenyang and her crew. President Heller promised to do so and ended the call. As promised, President Wei then withdrew his forces, narrowly avoiding war between the United States and China. ("Day 9: 10:00pm-11:00am")


Following the resolution of the crisis, Ron Clark informed President Heller of his daughter's death. While Heller initially refused to believe it, he eventually collapsed from the news. The next day, Heller returned to the United States on Air Force One with Audrey's body. He sadly informed a sympathetic Prime Minister Alastair Davies that as a result of his Alzheimer's disease, he would soon forget he even had a daughter let alone that she died so horribly and was left devastated at that thought.

Following Audrey's death, Kate Morgan resigned from the CIA, blaming herself for Audrey being killed. After helping raid Anatol Stolnavich's compound, Mark Boudreau was arrested for treason for his forging of Heller's signature on the rendition order and was extradited to the United States to stand trial for his crimes as he mourned his wife's death. While the CIA searched for Jack and Chloe, it was more out of a curiosity over what had happened to them as President Heller had pardoned Jack for his actions from four years before and Chloe was no longer a threat with Open Cell destroyed.

After he prevented the war and executed Cheng, Jack went to the shed Chloe was operating from as the CIA secured the freighter. However, Jack found the shed empty and a spot of blood on the floor. Moments later, Jack received a call from the Russians demanding that he exchange himself for Chloe who they had kidnapped. Jack agreed and met with Russian forces outside of London shortly before 11:00am the next morning. Jack had the Russians release Chloe before he went to them and though Chloe insisted that he didn't have to exchange himself for her, Jack told her he did and she's his best friend. Jack asked Chloe to check on his family before approaching the Russian official. The Russian official assured Jack that the Russians just wanted Jack and would now leave Chloe and his family alone. Jack flew away in a Russian helicopter to face punishment from the Russians for his actions while Chloe reluctantly left with Belcheck. ("Day 9: 10:00pm-11:00am")

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