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The Chinese consulate in Los Angeles, California, was a post of the People's Republic of China's diplomatic mission in the United States, subordinate to the Chinese Embassy in Washington. Consular premises could not be entered without explicit permission of the head of the consular post.

Day 4Edit

Chinese Consulate

The interior of the building

At around 1:00am of Day 4, Lee Jong sought refuge at the Chinese Consulate when he suspected that CTU Los Angeles may have discovered his collaboration with Habib Marwan. When David Palmer was notified of the importance of Jong, he communicated with Chineses consul Koo Yin and asked him to deliver Jong to American authorities for interrogation. Koo refused to do so and told Palmer to wait until confirmation from their foreign officials. With the pressure of Marwan using the nuclear warhead over their heads, Palmer authorized Jack Bauer to recover Jong from the consulate.

At around 2:30, Jack Bauer entered the consulate and recovered Jong. On his way out, he was covered by CTU agents Curtis Manning and Howard Bern. Despite wearing masks, Bern's face was revealed when a Chinese guard lifted his mask for a moment. Chinese Consul Koo Yin was killed by friendly fire from their own guards. The deputy Chinese consul Su Ming contacted Palmer at around 2:40 to inquire about their involvement in the attack to the consulate, which Palmer denied.

Shortly after 3:00, Cheng Zhi, head of security of the consulate arrived and examined the surveillance footage. Upon watching Bern's face, he ordered the examination of the picture to find out the name of the agent.

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